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Found 61 results

  1. Happy Spring! I'll be fishing vessel Godzilla this season, starting tomorrow. Anyone try any daytime drops off Van Buren?
  2. Jim and I did a walleye/bass combo on Lake Erie today. The bite was tough around Turtle Island and Michigan dumping grounds. We managed a few walleye and released some snagged ones. The walleye came on hair jigs and blade baits. The bass bite was sporadic, but we did get some decent ones including this hump back. Water surface temperature on Lake Erie was 42 degrees. Water clarity was only a couple inches down by Turtle Island. It was pure mud.
  3. So is everyone done for the year with the open water bite? Some of the inland lakes are still doing ok.. Chautauqua or bear but I may be done for the year if I don’t hear of anything great coming from the big lake. Any reports are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys and tight lines!
  4. Fished out in front of the windmills. 25 to 45 feet of water. Nothing. never saw a fish on my screen in about 1 hour of trolling. Water temp about 52.
  5. Went out of Dunkirk yesterday, didn't get out until 8:30 . Got a four man limit by 1:30. Spoons on downriggers, deep divers on 5 color, and shallow divers on dipseys. Everything worked in 90 - 105 fow straight out and a little west. Boxed out last three times out with Fredonia Greg. Great fisherman. Thanks Buddy
  6. are you still catching walleye or perch out of north ease marina. looking to get 1 more weekend in this year.
  7. Sorry about the late report but that trip gets harder every year {5 hours one way} Fished Saturday and Sunday in 50 to 65 fow the fleet was a little east so we went west just past the perch nets 2 man limit in 3 hrs on Saturday and 1 hr on Sunday running four rods dipsey's on a 3 setting out 90' and 100' downriggers 22' and 32' all worm harnesses anything with gold or copper .. So all you guys that live 4 5 or 6 hrs away and always wanted to fish Erie the good old days are right now !!!
  8. Fished in front of Catt creek Friday afternoon 1PM till 6:30 PM Got 8 fish off 4 rods. 2 dipseys, 2 down riggers. 2 stick baits, 2 worm harnesses. All took fish. Colors didn't seem to matter. Best fishing in 80 FOW. (1) 5 pounder, the rest smaller fish but didn't catch any under 18 inches. Downrigger depth of 52 worked best and big dipseys were set on 3 with 150 back and 175 back (wire divers). Could of put out 2 more rods on boards, but didn't bother cause action was fast enough for me without them. Ace
  9. New resident of Port Dover and new to fishing Erie. Any suggestions for good walleye fishing out of Dover? Thanks!
  10. Fished most off the week, Thursday morning had a decent bite out front. Fished 4,5,6 colors with Sticks little west of harbor. Nothing special probably a dozen fish with two over 5lbs. Friday came big fish Friday and no big fish for us to be found we covered huge amounts of water. Fished all depths and even caught eyes down deep in 45 degree water well below thermo which was at forty feet. So after boating close to 35 eyes all under 5lbs we had no plan. After beers we decided we were going to make a long run west and fish an area we are accustomed to. Friday night the wind blew 25 knots out of north east. Once we got to our spot the thermo has moved up to 32 feet. We planned on running some deep leads but quickly came out the two and three colors. At mid morning thinking about running seven color goesoff only deep rod we have goes with a 9.8 lber. 10 minutes later bam... 7lber and 8lber double on two and three color. Understanding how fishing has been I thought we needed two over 5lbs to win. Through the day we grinded and got two more good fish which we got. Last fish was a skinny 28” 6.4 lber. I thought this fish sealed the deal. We were overly confident. Big fish have been hard and I think we did 40 fish easy to get 7 over five lbs. wiegh in came along and winner wieghed in 42 lbs. we came in fourth with roughly 37.5 lbs and second big fish. The disappointment was horrible for my crew and I. Turns out the bigger fish turned on throughout the lake. I honestly thought 34 lbs would win it. Well maybe our luck will change in the sunset shootout. Ron
  11. Walleye this weekend Taking my brother in law and nephew out for the first time walleye fishing and my first time this year. Can anyone provide some info, as to where to go/ start off, depth and what's working. Thank an good luck Tony (Slapshot)
  12. https://www.lakeerieunited.com/threads/blades-on-locust-reef.325645/
  13. https://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/anim.php?lake=e&param=icecon&type=n Lake Erie Ice Cover - She looks pretty locked up! Hopefully, it'll lead to another good year for good spawning conditions and fry survival! I think the "downside" to this will be additional predation pressure on the perch fishery..... https://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/modis.php?region=e&page=1&template=sub&image=a1.18038.1818.LakeErie.143.250m.jpg
  14. I know this isn't "Lake Erie" specific, but still wanted to share... pretty impressive fish! https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/69593-quinte-monster/ Chad
  15. Well here we go. Good luck boys Sent from my ASUS ZenFone 2E using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  16. Sturgeon Point Sept 23, 2017 Fished solo today in front of Evans bar just to see if fish are there like at the Catt and they are. Boated 8 and lost 2 behind the boat. 65 to 71 feet of water. Took all off down riggers set 55 to 64 down. Also ran a wire dipsey on 2 as my 3rd rod from 120 to 165 back with spoon or harness or renoski and it never got touched all afternoon. Best lure was watermelon renoski on rigger near bottom. Marked tons of fish all day but everything I boated was 16 to 24 inches. Screen at 3:30 till 5:30 PM was constant fish, all different depths. Marked lots of bait. I was the only guy there trolling. There were 2 or 3 drifters or perch guys fishing 62 FOW but I don't know if the were catching. I think they were because they stayed there all afternoon. Met a guy in the parking lot who was tying down his boat getting ready to trailer home like me. He and his buddy had a 9 pounder and a couple of 5 pounders. He said he fished west of me in 70 FOW. They boxed out and had a better catch than me. Beauty of a day. 1 foot waves max. Nice breeze. Bunch of ankle biting flies but still awesome. Wish it was always that calm.
  17. Downriggers Looking for advise... If Walker & Scotty downriggers offer lifetime warranties, why do so many boats have Cannon or Big Jon Downriggers?
  18. DO WALLEYE HAVE WINGS? THEY SURE DO! Now that Walleye fishing has been fantastic I thought I would Repost my March 20th Thread "IT’S NEAR TIME FOR DELICIOUS WALLEYE WINGS" LINK: Yes, Walleye do have Wings. It's the Chin or Breast Meat. For years, anglers and consumers have known about the delicacy of walleye cheeks, but are now learning of the new rage of Walleye Wings. It has taken many years for Walleye Cheeks (the filet mignon) to go mainstream which are now sold at many Fish Markets, in time I expect Walleye Wings to do the same instead of being wasted by the ton or going for Cat Food. If you haven't eaten any you will find that they are good as Cheeks and if not better tasting. Several years ago (well over 25) I read an article in OOD Magazine on how to cut out and cooking "The Pecks" (now called Walleye Wings and also known as Chin & Fins, Bat Wings, Wishbones and Rabbit Ears). I had a copy of that article and showed it to numerous other Walleye Fishermen over the years to get others eating this delicious part of the fish as I have been doing since reading that article. It’s a shame how many of The Pecks (Walleye Wings) go to waste each year when the public could be enjoying this part along with the Cheeks. If you have never heard of them, it is the “V" under the gill plate that is normally tossed out with the head after you fillet the fish. When the Wings are cut out with the Pelvic/Ventral Fins, then cut between them on the larger ones so you have two Fins and what you'll notice is a big hunk of meat attached to each. The Fin can be used as a handle. The bones are larger and somewhat flat and easy to pull out as you eat them. The meat is very sweet, and makes an awesome appetizer. You can bread'em, fry'em, saute'em, grill'em, smoke'em then coat them in whatever your favorite Dipping Sauce is for Fish. Cocktail or Tartar (preferably homemade) or even Ranch or Dill Dressing. If you Grill"em, season with a little Alpine Touch and Cajun or your favorite seasoning. Dip in Drawn Butter. I learned from that article to make the “V” cut which only takes seconds, which includes both Pelvic/Ventral Fins as shown in these YouTube Videos. Cutting out Walleye Wings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ino6fZQVHzE Walleye Cleaning – Chins /Walleye Wings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVkGwMfR0gg How to cook Walleye Wings- Savory Goodness (In this Video the Wings are marinated in Beer) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IXqm-3R2OA Recently, in March of this year I thought I would Google "Walleye Wings" looking for additional information and I find a Company from Kenora, ON called Walleye Wings Inc. who has a Website and Facebook Page. They have taken Walleye Wings mainstream with Packaged Breaded and Smoked Walleye Wings and currently distribute to several restaurants, grocery stores, lodges and gas stations in the region. The Company trademarked "Walleye Wings" on June 16, 2010. If you are now enjoying Walleye Wings, please tell all your fish'n buddys that don't utilize this part of the Walleye and have them read this article and check out the YouTube Videos. I do hope more Walleye fishermen will be enjoying their Wings this upcoming Walleye season. Please Post your thoughts on this Thread once you have tried them.
  19. New to Erie, need some help. Can anyone help me? if I put the boat in in Monroe where would be best to look for Walleye and perch?
  20. New to Erie fishing https://www.lakeerieunited.com/walleye/forum/4-lake-erie-fishing-reports-warm-water-species/
  21. Gold back nk28.s or slims Any1 run gold back nk 28.s or slims tip.d with crawlers???
  22. Depth finder Looking to buy a new chart for my 19 foot Trophy CC, Looking for options for all 9 inch screen units . Raymarine axiom 9, Simrad GO9, Lowrance HDS Garmin Hummingbird, i've got a max of 1500$ Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dan
  23. Does anyone use leadcore on big boards for walleye?I tried using it with spoons,but there wasn't enough drag on the line to get the release to slide out to the board.i used two different kinds of releases and nothing Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  24. Heading out of Mentor...any suggestions Hello, I'm new to the forum. A bit rusty since haven't been out fishing much since having little kids. Heading out of Mentor. Any suggestions for walleye water depth, etc? How's the bite been? Thanks!
  25. I'm heading out tomorrow morning, I hope wind is down.plan on running spoons and cranks,anyone been out this week? Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
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