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  1. Fished out of Sturgeon Friday 7/24/21. Went towards Abino point to Canadian line and trolled towards Buffalo in 66 to 63 FOW. Started trolling about 4 PM and stopped at 8:30 Got 4 walleye and 1 giant sheep. Kept 3, released a 16 incher. All fish came on down rigger set at 52 feet down off a shallow stick bait, 40 feet behind ball. Tons of fish on screen, bottom up to 30 feet but it was tough to get to hit. Even tripped sticks off ball and let it float up. They could care less. They ones that hit, hit viscously. Ran 2 big dipsy's, no takers. Ran 1 100 foot copper rig off boards, no hits. Ran a 4 color lead off the other board, pulling a deep diver crank bait, no takers.
  2. Fist trip to Erie for Us this year. Was up from Wednesday to Saturday. Didn’t get out Wednesday Do to the wind. Thursday only got out for about an hour due to the wind. Did end up finding a few fish in 65-70’ of water. Friday went to same area To the West and picked up 15. Mix of sticks and harnesses. Few on riggers but most on lead core. 45-60 down. Saturday Went even further toward PA line and just couldn’t find to many fish. Did end up getting 6 on harnesses in 60-85’. Went back to same area as Friday and picked up 9 more. All on harnesses. Lead core caught the most for us. Only been fishing on Erie the last 3 years (trip or 2 a year) Did the wind and front that came through scatter the walleye? I never did mark any schools of fish like in the past. Anybody figure out where the eyes where hiding? All and all good trip. Kids had fun!
  3. Last time out of Barcelona we saw a commercial fishing boat setting out nets in 80-85 fow right near where we were catching walleyes. This was deeper and further west from the area marked with orange flags (which I've been told are perch nets). I thought the commercial walleye fishing industry in NY waters was bought out years ago. Does anybody know about this? Do they use gill nets or something different?
  4. Check out "TCS Outdoors" web site for videos of last winters walleye fishing in Lake Erie, Ohio waters. You will see hours of TV shows of a couple "Good Ole Boys" catching limits of walleyes.
  5. Any reports on perch out in from of there. Dnt want to make the journey from small boat to catt if i dnt have too. Please and thank you
  6. Any reports out of Barcelona recently? Last I heard fishing out of Erie Pa was slowing down.
  7. Started fishing at around 6:30am in 70ft. Didn't get first walleye until later morning. Tough bite. Ended up with 3 walleye, 5 perch, and one silver bass. All walleye came on jointed rapalas in black and silver. Walleye caught at around 55 ft down trolling at about 2.2 mph. Later used worm harnesses and caught perch. I believe this is a silver bass? Are they good eating? Never had one before.
  8. How is the fishing lately? I miss the friendly folks there. I've been fishing salmon on the new Crazy Ivan, can't wait to fish Erie in August and chat it up a bit. Captain Rich
  9. Greetings, My wife and I have been die hard fishermen for the past 30 years. We are skilled at trolling the finger lakes (mostly Cayuga) and Lake Ontario. We have decided to give Lake Erie walleye a try. Right now we plan to launch in the Dunkirk area. We plan to troll and drift jig for walleye/perch. I have located several vrbo’s in the area that seem satisfactory. Small, cheap, clean, and most of all safe parking for our Fishmaster 196 is what we desire. Our trip will take place within the next 2 weeks. any suggestions on lodging and walleye fishing would be appreciated. thanks frank
  10. Looks like the lake may lay down Monday. Anybody hear of eyes being caught in the area ? haven’t been out in a few weeks ant not sure where to start. Thanks
  11. Looks like the lake may lay down Monday. Anybody hear of eyes being caught in the area ? haven’t been out in a few weeks ant not sure where to start. Thanks
  12. Happy Spring! I'll be fishing vessel Godzilla this season, starting tomorrow. Anyone try any daytime drops off Van Buren?
  13. By now, most of us have knowledge of some decent estimators for the running depths of various lure setups (like the Precision Trolling data- and/or other dive charts etc). Use of this information can be critical to presenting your bait of choice in the strike zone. Right now I am only invested into a few 5 color lead core rigs and a ten color (as I've heard that the 5 color seems to get used the most with success). I've got dipsey's, snap weights, bottom bouncers, jet divers & riggers bla bla bla.... but I am wondering if anyone has come across a fairly reliable method to estimate the lure depth if you put on a deep diving plug, say onto a leadcore rig? we have a pretty good idea where say a shallow Renosky is running when added to a 5 color. But what if your graph is showing some good marks a little deeper? can you look up the dive curve for your deep diving plug and simply add that to where a 5 color should run? i'm sure its probably not that simple. I am just considering other "depth" options instead of spending more money on more lead core, rods/reels etc. anyone with experience running deep diving plugs on leadcore, please chime in. thanks
  14. How late into the fall does the walleye bite continue around Barcelona ? Have fished there in August but would like to try it later, late Sept early Oct if that's possible. We have a three hour drive . Thanks for any local info.
  15. Fished Erie out of Lampey yesterday. banged a ton of walleye, and as usual watched several boats struggle to catch fish. here is the easiest way and you don't have to spend a bunch of money. 2oz, and 3 oz inline weights , crawler harnesses, ( not a giant willow leaf blade with big beads) use a 3 beads and a Butterfly blade. 6' leader, butterfly blade with a half crawler and 2 oz inline weight. let out 70-80' of line and walla your in the zone, troll at 1.5-1.7 mph and you WILL catch fish right behind the boat. No dipsys, no big gear, We fish this way all year long , You feel the fish fight on lighter tackle and have fun! I go out to fish not to bang out a limit and be the first one back to beat my chest and say what a good fishermen I am like most. this an awesome way for kids to catch alot of walleye and not get wore out by a dipsy rod! good luck to all
  16. Fished Eagle bay Wednesday. 1 walleye about 21 inches and 1 Lake trout about 15 pounds. Fished 45 to 72 FOW from 8am to 2:30 pm. Lake flat, temps and humidity high. Walleye came on 7 colors lead off planer board on worm harness. Lake trout came off down rigger 10 feet off bottom on shallow Bomber long A. Left early cause fishing was slow and heat was brutal. There was about 20 trailers in parking lot in morning when we left and 2 when we got back. Boats scattered all over the place.
  17. New boat (for us) shakedown. Got a late start Saturday (6:15am), headed through the channel and around the point and set up in about 40 FOW among the zoo of boats and headed WSW. Found out quickly our subtroll wasn't working, so no down speed. Took us a little bit to get everything set up and learn the nuances of the boat. Took us longer than we though but finally got our three man limit around 1:30. Riggers with UV Stinger Scorpions and 8 color core with watermelon Stinger Scorpion too most pf the fish mixed with a few meat bites. The next morning was pretty much the same program, but with the exception of nearly getting ran over by the barge headed out. No joke, if we had a 10 color out, it would have been gone. Pretty slow , got our two man limit around noon, watermelon spoon again the hot ticket for us. One more week of this, then salmon time in Ontario.
  18. I’m planning my first ever trip to Erie around the 2nd weekend in August. Mostly interested in Walleye, but wouldn’t mind fishing for some smallmouth either. First off, not positive even where I want to go out from. From what I’ve read, anywhere along the eastern shore should be ok that time of year, so open to anywhere between Erie and Buffalo. Any recommendations on where to launch and places to stay would also be much appreciated. I mostly fish Lake Ontario, so I’m all setup for trolling, which I assume is the preferred method? Thanks For The Help Mike
  19. The wife and I are planning a weekend trip of walleye fishing out of Dunkirk marina. My question is, how far will we have to go to get into good walleye fishing waters. We only have a 14ft Lund deep v. Just don’t want to get caught in bad weather. Thanks
  20. Hello, I frequent the Lake Ontario United page quite often when I fish there, and decided to go fish Erie for the first time out of my boat today, so I figured I'd join here as well. I live a couple hours southeast of Buffalo, so most of my fishing trips have been to the finger lakes or Lake Ontario. I went on a charter trip on Erie out of Walnut Creek to celebrate my father's retirement last year, and did pretty well. Yesterday we finally decided to take a trip back to Erie, this time out of Dunkirk, to try it out instead of the typical Ontario salmon trip that we usually go on this time of the year. Most of the walleye fishing I've done has been in Chaumont Bay. After today, I feel like I'll be taking a few more trips to Erie soon. Today we launched at Dunkirk around 5:45, went North East out of the marina and started trolling NW of the first set of bluffs you can see heading east in about 30 feet of water. We picked up what ended up being the biggest fish of the day while still setting everything up. We had 2 lines in the water at the time. Trolled around there for a while, ended up turning around and trolling across in front of the marina, then went back to where we started. This was my first trip to Dunkirk, second trip ever to Erie, so this is brand new water to me and we felt like doing some exploring. We fished from around 6am to 12:30 or so, and landed 12 out of 14 walleye, 3 sheepshead, and a white bass. 3 of the eyes were over 28 inches, only one was under 20. We tried flicker minnows, flicker shad, bayrats, worm harnesses, spoons, just about everything we had in the boat, and the go to setup was a berkley flicker shad 7 perch color about 60 feet back, add a 1 oz clip on weight, then send it back another 40 or 50 feet. A bayrat wonderbread deep diver took a couple big fish too. As you'll see in the pictures, I picked up a Zebco Dock Demon rod at Walmart just to try something different. This caught 2 of the 3 biggest fish and was an absolute blast. Flat lined it out the back with a snap on weight and it caught more fish than any other rod. There was a lot of cottonwood fuzz on the water, and with it being dead calm in the morning it was difficult to manage at times. Fleas aren't terrible yet. I added a few photo's of some of the bigger fish. Based on the reports here, it sounds like not many people are fishing. The parking lot was pretty empty when we launched this morning. If I lived closer I'd be out there more often for sure. Sorry about the long story, this is my first post here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I don't know a lot about Erie, but I'll share what worked for us today.
  21. Fished 2 days out of Lampe Marina with AL from Kast King and Our Pro staff walleye champ Dylan Nussbaum! all I can say is WOW. no big ones, but lots of fish! 1 oz and 2 oz. inline weight 6' leader and a ghost blade harnesses, put 24 eyes in the boat in first hour of fishing, kept on fishin and throwin fish back. Golden perch # 5 Colorado blade was a killer with chartruese beads. Went shallow, fishing plastics for bass and sheephead. quite a few smallies up to 4 lbs and lots of sheephead. lets just say my boat had to go to the car wash because it smelled!!!
  22. 4 man limit, north of Vermilion in 43 to 28 FOW. Dipsy #3 35 back Dipsy #2 setting 26 back. Small dipsy 80 to 100 ft back 0 setting. Spoons and crawler harnesses. Fished 8A to 12:30. No pigs, all eaters. 5 short throw backs.
  23. Took this year's first trip today, solo. Lake was a little pissy at first then layed right down. The walleye was a feeding! Didn't take to long to get my limit.
  24. Jim and I did a walleye/bass combo on Lake Erie today. The bite was tough around Turtle Island and Michigan dumping grounds. We managed a few walleye and released some snagged ones. The walleye came on hair jigs and blade baits. The bass bite was sporadic, but we did get some decent ones including this hump back. Water surface temperature on Lake Erie was 42 degrees. Water clarity was only a couple inches down by Turtle Island. It was pure mud.
  25. So is everyone done for the year with the open water bite? Some of the inland lakes are still doing ok.. Chautauqua or bear but I may be done for the year if I don’t hear of anything great coming from the big lake. Any reports are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys and tight lines!
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