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  1. First trip to Erie and it was a good one. Fished the 26th and 27th. Friday caught between 35 and 40 in only 4 hours lost track. Couldn’t keep rods in water. Biggest was 8.5 lbs and smallest was 17 1/2 inches. Worm harnesses were hot but did get a few on a bomber long A. 53’ of water was best for us. Saturday they seemed to have spread out but did get another 40 through the day. Caught them on riggers lead-core and bottom bouncers. Wanted to try some different ways and they all worked. My daughter and I want to thank everyone who posts on here. It helped us out a lot! Buffalo launch was great along with the fish cleaning station. What rigger releases does everyone use? My off shore releases didn’t pop all the time. I have the medium tension. Think I should order some of the light off shore white ones.
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