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  1. Anybody have a report? Where is the launch in Barcelona? Is it by the light house
  2. Another slow morning for us. Only got one on worm harness. Fished 60-80 might try Barcelona later
  3. Fished 6:30- 9:00 caught 3 eyes on harnesses. 25- 30 feet down over 65-70. Can’t get nothing to go deep on riggers or slide diver. Going back out in the am. Been fishing to the west. Good luck
  4. Fished 9:00-1:30 today. 1 walleye on harness in 60’. Anybody having luck? Heading back out tonight
  5. Fished 5:30-9:30 pm Wednesday 3 for 4 on harnesses. Nothing on stick or spoon. Fished 60-80. Fishing next few days. 2nd time fishing here trying to figure it out.
  6. Caught 15 today all on harnesses. Slide diver, riggers, lead-core and in line weights worked. Tried switching things up to get a better bite but we just had to work for them. Good luck
  7. First time out of Dunkirk this afternoon and we did ok. Did get 12 but had to work for them. All on harnesses most came 40-70 down. Nice fish 3-6 pounds. Anybody else have any luck? Going back out in the morning. I’ll report again tomorrow
  8. Never launched out of sturgeon. Is there a fish cleaning station there? Plan on Fishing Thursday and Friday. Anybody been fishing this week? Thanks for any info. Let ya know how we make out.
  9. First trip to Erie and it was a good one. Fished the 26th and 27th. Friday caught between 35 and 40 in only 4 hours lost track. Couldn’t keep rods in water. Biggest was 8.5 lbs and smallest was 17 1/2 inches. Worm harnesses were hot but did get a few on a bomber long A. 53’ of water was best for us. Saturday they seemed to have spread out but did get another 40 through the day. Caught them on riggers lead-core and bottom bouncers. Wanted to try some different ways and they all worked. My daughter and I want to thank everyone who posts on here. It helped us out a lot! Buffalo launch was great along with the fish cleaning station. What rigger releases does everyone use? My off shore releases didn’t pop all the time. I have the medium tension. Think I should order some of the light off shore white ones.
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