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  1. Thanks for the replys , I'll try to get out the second week of Sept.
  2. How late into the fall could I expect decent 'eye fishing out of Barcelona. Can't make the usual summer trip due to the wifes hip replacement. I need a break from housework, lol.
  3. Fished 7 hours thursday in front of the harbor in 65-90 fow for seven hours using downriggers and dipseys with stickbaits and worm harnesses for one 22 incher and a throwback 14 incher. Friday we fought our way to Ripley in 2-3 footers and fished back east with the waves for three hours with no fish. No one we talked to had been doing well all week. Nice trip jut not a good catching trip.
  4. Thanks guys for the great info. J. Sporrow-I printed off your graphic, just what I was looking for. I do have a 100' temp probe to find the thermocline, used it for a starting point for years on Lk Ontario. After we get some 'eyes on ice we'll try jigging up some lakers on our light outfits. Even 2-4 pounders here in the Finger Lakes is a hoot on bait casting rods with 10 lb line. Again, thanks for all the help. If the weather/wind forecast cooperates next week we'll make the 3 hour run out. Did well this time last year we'll look for a repeat. I'll give a trip report when we return.
  5. Heading to Barcelona next week for walleyes but also wanted to try verticle jigging for lakers as we do in the Finger Lakes. Anyone have experience doing this? How deep (fow)would we have to go to be in "laker country" . Also, about many fow is the Canadian boundry straight out from Barcelona. Thanks for any input.
  6. How late into the fall does the walleye bite continue around Barcelona ? Have fished there in August but would like to try it later, late Sept early Oct if that's possible. We have a three hour drive . Thanks for any local info.
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