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  1. caught quite a few eyes yesterday oct 6 out of erie pa. was a bit rough, forecast was wrong AGAIN! dipsys and custom painted renoskys by dutch Fork. white/ orange belly, lemon lime, was best colors. 145' back on a 2, 165' back on a 3 in 72' of water. never turned around on any fish just kept going. most guys are putting away the boats and this is one fo the greatest times of year to fish!!
  2. 2002 Ranger 620 VS , full windshield, merc 225 Optimax , runs excellent, well maintained, extremely solid motor), 9.9 bigfoot/ with Panther lift, Traxtech tracks, 6 Ram rod holders, 2 rear rail mount holders, NEW 2019 hummingbird helix 10 on dash, helix 7 on bow, networked on RAM mounts, 2017 Minnkota terrova autopilot, EZ trailer steps, New Xl winch, 4 batteries, NEW 2019 4 bank charger, rear rod rack and storage. all standard Ranger items on boat. Amish made bimini top 6'3" tall, Amish made cover with stainless ratchets. trailer completely rebuilt from ground up in 2017, blasted, painted, new wiring, lights, springs, bearings, axles, bunks, etc. Xtra roll of carpet for boat about 1/4 of drum of 2 stroke oil new rod locker lid new panther lift motor various xtra parts There is absolutely nothing wrong with this boat or motor, I use it 2-3 times a week fishing and guiding, since 2002. maintenance schedule is meticulous. this is a boat you can rely on. email for more pics boat will be available end of November. If interested, come out and we'll go fishing! The pics you see is after taking it out of water and wiping it down, I did not shine it all up for pics! hard to see in pic but there is a 7' walleye on the side of boat which glows when the light hits it!
  3. Awesome, we did it again yesterday. 55' of water- 90' back on a 2 oz inline 100' back on 3 oz. kept busy all morning, 1/2 crawlers and butterfly blades wacked em. good luck!
  4. Fished Erie out of Lampey yesterday. banged a ton of walleye, and as usual watched several boats struggle to catch fish. here is the easiest way and you don't have to spend a bunch of money. 2oz, and 3 oz inline weights , crawler harnesses, ( not a giant willow leaf blade with big beads) use a 3 beads and a Butterfly blade. 6' leader, butterfly blade with a half crawler and 2 oz inline weight. let out 70-80' of line and walla your in the zone, troll at 1.5-1.7 mph and you WILL catch fish right behind the boat. No dipsys, no big gear, We fish this way all year long , You feel the fish fight on lighter tackle and have fun! I go out to fish not to bang out a limit and be the first one back to beat my chest and say what a good fishermen I am like most. this an awesome way for kids to catch alot of walleye and not get wore out by a dipsy rod! good luck to all
  5. Fished 2 days out of Lampe Marina with AL from Kast King and Our Pro staff walleye champ Dylan Nussbaum! all I can say is WOW. no big ones, but lots of fish! 1 oz and 2 oz. inline weight 6' leader and a ghost blade harnesses, put 24 eyes in the boat in first hour of fishing, kept on fishin and throwin fish back. Golden perch # 5 Colorado blade was a killer with chartruese beads. Went shallow, fishing plastics for bass and sheephead. quite a few smallies up to 4 lbs and lots of sheephead. lets just say my boat had to go to the car wash because it smelled!!!
  6. Fishing mainly walleye out of Walnut creek and Lampey marinas in PA finding tons of walleye in 30-40', but have caught some in 20-25 including some big ones. We fish harnesses on bottom bouncers and inline weights. alot more fun than downriggers and dipsys. trolling slow at 1.4, - 1 oz inline weights 30'-50' back on planer boards are working really well, bouncers are on the bottom with butterfly blades doing best. some spots cannot keep 6 rods in the water! walleye color blade, rainbow trout with silver beads, If you want to do the charter boat thing and drag spoons and limit out in an hour go for it, you want to enjoy fishing and feel the bite and the fish use worms!! tight lines
  7. where are you located and do you still have the ulterra? thanks keith
  8. Hey glow getter. we paint old school colors for alot of guys. we have renosky blanks in stock. let me know if we can help you out. thanks keith dutch fork lures
  9. fished NE 19 an 20th with awesome results. only 2 throw backs, t stick jr on flatline, butterfly blades behind 0 dipsy 74 back on 3 setting. my buddy and his boy had a blast.
  10. your welcome. We want to help everyone catch more and bigger fish. We custom paint alot of specialty colors for guys so we see whats working and whats not. We even found shades of purple that will out fish other shades. Its truly amazing how color affects walleyes on every given day. tight lines!
  11. spinner blade and harness discounts Dutch Fork Custom Lures is offering all Lake Erie United members a 20% discount on anything on our site. feel free to browse and let us know what you need. www.dutchforkcustomlures.com or click on our ad. thanks and tight lines
  12. Hey Dave I will take these bagleys. send me message and we'll get you paid thanks keith
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