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  1. where are you located and do you still have the ulterra? thanks keith
  2. Hey glow getter. we paint old school colors for alot of guys. we have renosky blanks in stock. let me know if we can help you out. thanks keith dutch fork lures
  3. fished NE 19 an 20th with awesome results. only 2 throw backs, t stick jr on flatline, butterfly blades behind 0 dipsy 74 back on 3 setting. my buddy and his boy had a blast.
  4. your welcome. We want to help everyone catch more and bigger fish. We custom paint alot of specialty colors for guys so we see whats working and whats not. We even found shades of purple that will out fish other shades. Its truly amazing how color affects walleyes on every given day. tight lines!
  5. spinner blade and harness discounts Dutch Fork Custom Lures is offering all Lake Erie United members a 20% discount on anything on our site. feel free to browse and let us know what you need. www.dutchforkcustomlures.com or click on our ad. thanks and tight lines
  6. Hey Dave I will take these bagleys. send me message and we'll get you paid thanks keith
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