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Barcelona harbor

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Generally good though of the 8 I caught only two were decent size. 10 color and riggers set between 40 and 50 took most of my fish. I fished crankbaits.

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Fish out of Barcelona this morning. Launched at 6:30 AM back in with a two-man limit by 9:45 AM a rough start. Best depth was anywhere from 75 feet to 80 feet give or take. 5 core lead worked well with a deep diving stick bait . Down riggers parked anywhere from 45 to 55 feet as well as 68 feet (just off bottom . Dipsy diverss out 140 to 150‘ some action but not much. Core and Downrigger’s were best for us today , sticks, spoons and harnesses all caught fish. A mixed bag of 16 and 17 inches and then some 20 to 21 inches nothing huge all good eating fish.

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