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Worried about.so many skinny walleye

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After the recent Southdown tournament, I spoke to many who caught long walleyes that should have been heavier than they were. I am talking 30 inch fish that were just 7 pounds. While trolling many miles I saw just a few small balls of bait but very few. One walleye we got spit up an emerald that was only 1 1/2" long. Generally the stomachs were empty. I hope this is just a cycle and the bait piles increase. I would love to hear the views of a biologist on this topic. Hope I am worrying about nothing.

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most of the fish I caught around the windmills Seneca shouls and the fence were either 15-18inchers or high 20inch fat fish

same with a buddy of mine maybe im just lucky


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My buddy and I Fished out in front of condo's last Sunday that's way out in front of the windmills 50 to 55'. We caught 12 of the biggest walleyes we have ever caught in our lives that's 130 yrs experience and a lot of walleyes between us. We had a  10 lb., 9, 8, 7's smallest 4 lbs. Actually most bigger than we wanted to catch to eat, but you take what the Lord gives you on any given day. All stomachs empty but fish full of fat!!! Almost no junk fish that day 3 to be exact. Think I saw bait just above bottom kind of  fuzzy long horizontal streaks not a solid streak. What kind I don't know. Worm harnesses took our fish. Not to worry Lake Erie walleyes are alive and well.

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