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  1. Good thinking H2OChrome. There is a general spot just out from the brake wall west gap where a bouy marker used to be that the dept rises up. That would be a good place to start.
  2. Thanks H20chrome, I have had pretty good luck in the past doing what you described but I narrowed down my search by looking in the general depth I believe they should be in. Right now though I know the water is pretty warm so I am not sure if they are is 80 feet or 60 feet. There is a lot of area to search so I was looking for info as to the depth to begin searching. (I know finding them is part of the fun but don't want to waste too much time doing it)
  3. Why is everyone so tight lipped on the perch fishing? I know you guys are out there. Looking for any info on the perch out from Dunkirk. I heard there is a guy they call Captain Perch that keeps his boat in the harbor but I can't seem to run into him, Anyone know him? That's all he does is perch fish. I like to finish off the year with a switch from walleye, besides the freezer is full .
  4. Back to the State of the Lake Erie topic. Here is a link to the report in PDF format. Here you can find them all from 2018 back to 2014: https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/32286.html
  5. Hey Chascurt, Just a thought..did you try to reset the unit you have? I am not sure how to do that on your model. I do believe you will loose way points so you kay try to write them down if possble.
  6. After the recent Southdown tournament, I spoke to many who caught long walleyes that should have been heavier than they were. I am talking 30 inch fish that were just 7 pounds. While trolling many miles I saw just a few small balls of bait but very few. One walleye we got spit up an emerald that was only 1 1/2" long. Generally the stomachs were empty. I hope this is just a cycle and the bait piles increase. I would love to hear the views of a biologist on this topic. Hope I am worrying about nothing.
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