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  1. Looking for some size 40 Tripz divers.
  2. SD Card format for Humminbird GPS Fishfinders. Model: HPINOHC1, Version1. High Def maps of 100's of lakes in Indiana and Ohio plus all of Lake Erie in 1ft contours. $45. TYD in US 48, PayPal F/F I will not be available for replies from 12PM Jun 30 to Jul 3. I'll be catching Walleye on Erie.
  3. Thanks guys. I appreciate your help but got rid of the Lowrance long ago. I'm stickin' with Humminbird. Lotsa parts/accessories available for 'em and I've had good luck with their service. I also have a friend who has spent a lot of time with Humminbird reps on the phone while he was on the water and they were great to help him just learning the fine points of a new Helix. I'm sure someone has some bad stories about 'em but I haven't heard any.
  4. Ya might call 'em just to see what kinda deal they'd offer. I'd be interested to hear what they say.
  5. Great info guys. Appreciate all your comments. If you happen to be in the western basin/islands area, we did real well between Green Island and the border last week. Had 4 limits and back to the ramp by 3PM Thurs. Lacked 2 having limits Wed. Walleye!!
  6. Thanks again. Yea, I know about how to buy 'em and I get one online every year (card every 3) because I go up into Canadian lakes. Just wasn't sure about one-timers on my boat. There have been some times when I was out close to the line not doing real well and just thought about running over around Pelee island for a bit.
  7. Thanks Icebreaker. Sure appreciate the info. How about an Ontario fishing license? I'm familiar with the various purchase options available, just not sure one is needed as long as you cross on the water.
  8. Crossing the Canadian border and Fishing license I'm looking for some information about crossing the border on Lake Erie and license requirements. I live in southern Ohio and fish Lake Erie's western basin out of Marblehead several times a year. I've never crossed the border in my boat but several years ago aboard a charter, we went into Canada to fish and had to purchase Ontario license. I wasn't aware of any requirement to contact Canadian authorities to cross the border at that time. Because of some blog posts I read, it seems there must be that requirement now. I'd appreciate any info on if that's true and, if so, how to do it, ie: what channel, what call sign, what info they require, etc. Also, the blog posts don't mention pulling in for licenses so I'm wondering, is a Ontario license required or is there some new agreement that allows fishing with my Ohio license as long as I'm on the water?
  9. Bluefin, I use Aurora Lites in the mid size. I really like them, they pull pretty hard and stay out beside the boat. They also fold up nicely to store. Having said that, If I had it to do over, I'm being told there are some other brands out there that equal the AL's at much lower prices, and I'd check them out. I also just bought a couple sets of OR-12's thinking they'll be easier to use if there are only two of us on the boat. Whether you use inlines or big boards, it's kinda like pickup trucks, everybody you talk to is going to tell you something else is better.
  10. Didn't get to go, greg2ha. That post was last fall and the weather wasn't good. I've never fished Erie in the fall and wanted to give it a try. Getting everything ready to start trips next month. Usually fish April through July.
  11. Haven't gone fishing in my garage yet but I have enough leaders rigged to last maybe through 2022.
  12. Basically the features are the same I believe. Obviously the Hook would be upgraded technology. BPS has 'em for $300. so they weren't overpaying for my unit. And yeah, my main unit is a Humminbird. Actually the only way i ended up with the Lowrance in the first place was a buddy sold his boat and wanted to sell it to me cheap. Humminbird does have a flat rate repair fee for their units based on the model but it's kinda high for older units and generally not worth what they want. I did send in a 998c HD SI a couple years ago and they replaced it for $370. which I thought was pretty good at the time.
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