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  1. i been seeing balls of bait at all different depths jeff
  2. went out last night 6-9 in 50-60 fow marked a lot got skunked tried everything tough year for me what speed is everyone doing thx jeff
  3. headlamps and little glow sticks on rod tip jeff
  4. I don't like fishing in the pack I try and stay a little deeper I troll around that 2mph I use smithwicks that dive 4-8 ft in greenish color jeff
  5. if the water temp warms up I will be in the hamburg 500 jeff
  6. I like smithwicks in purple or,brownish or green colors. at night I like the greenish colors work best for me jeff
  7. on april 2 2020 the town of evans received 5 bids from $81600-$126000 for sp dredging I seen that on town of evans web page scroll all the down on the left hand side jeff
  8. new prices on spare tire,trolling plate,and trailer guides jeff
  9. Brand new tire (2019) ST215-75d-14 on rim $60 Spare tire holder $25 Easy Troller trolling plate (2017) with safety hinge $70 CE Smith (2019) trailer post guide-on 48inch with 6inch Ubolts $50 Lowrance cigarette lighter power adapter (blue) $20 Phone: 716-553-7361 Sent from my iPad using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  10. I been saying that for years got to have common sense your boat should be ready to launch when its your turn I like going to sp they guys there make sure everyone is ready and will help you if needed jeff
  11. i believe the mouth of smokes creek is to shallow (3ft) it would difficult for larger deeper boats plus theres a lot of smallmouth spawning in that area also a lot people fish around there just be a bigger pain in the azz trying to get around everyone jmo jeff
  12. i went with the garmin echomap plus 93sv thx for the info jeff
  13. looking for a new fish/chart finder 9inch (trading boat in dealer wants my Lowrance hds gen3 ) having a tough time picking one out just wondering what people like out there, im looking at a simrad go 9xse ,garmin echo map and a Lowrance elite ti 2 thx jeff
  14. fished behind windmills40-50fow toady got skunked I tried everything tough year for me even the night bite was tough jeff
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