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  1. Ice boom

    iceboom starts coming out on Tuesday the 10th
  2. Ice boom

    go to https;// live pictures
  3. Ice boom

    the boom will be coming out soon there is roughly 976 square miles of ice ,it has to be close to 250 square miles of ice before it can be removed I think it takes a couple of days jeff
  4. Spring walleye at night

    I troll jerkbaits or anything with a rattle in it that dive down to 4-8ft,darker colors work for me , mph is 1.9,i try and stay away from the crowds and I fish a little deeper 12-16 fow ,2017 was a bad year for me but 2014-2016 were awesome hope this helps jeff
  5. put the whole fish in the freezer they will give you $100 for the fish jeff