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  1. i went with the garmin echomap plus 93sv thx for the info jeff
  2. looking for a new fish/chart finder 9inch (trading boat in dealer wants my Lowrance hds gen3 ) having a tough time picking one out just wondering what people like out there, im looking at a simrad go 9xse ,garmin echo map and a Lowrance elite ti 2 thx jeff
  3. 10% your a true sportsmen
  4. fished behind windmills40-50fow toady got skunked I tried everything tough year for me even the night bite was tough jeff
  5. I only camp at lake erie state park its good place to go
  6. there is lake erie state park not far from barcalona and dunkrik also a hotel in dunkrik (clarion) I think you can rent a dock
  7. I have a trolling plate on my 150 I troll in 6ft of water jeff
  8. i do a lot a night fishing around smokes creek (windmills) I stay away from the pack I fish 15-25 fow and catch a lot of fish I pull smithwichs jeff
  9. it wasn't any better when the nfta ran it in my opinion it was worse but you could fish when the boats were not in the water I got in so many arguments I ended up docking it if our fellow boaters had any sense or respect for each other everything would run smoothly but nobody cares its me me me just my opinion jeff
  10. those eye even try jet divers easy use biggest problem is over thinking keep it simple it will come to you go on you tube and learn how to use and adjust your fish finder also jeff
  11. smithwichs rogue 10 night time harness is any black purple pink copper combo daytime jeff
  12. awesome video thx for sharing jeff
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