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  1. where did you fished i fished south gap to the Seneca bouy and back 38-45fow i got one and a lot orf short hits jeff
  2. go try by smokes creek in 20-25 fow find the humps there is some nice smallies around there I drop shot with crabs or tubes jeff
  3. also heard they were seeing a lot of sturgeon when they did the shock
  4. glad to hear they got back safe I got out around the windmills smokes creek area at 830ish sat.night and there was 8-10 boats in the area cant believe no one would help out karma a bitch jeff
  5. milt

    Hamburg beach

    they have to repair the docks and I think they don't have the money in the budget
  6. milt


    i would start behind the windmills and smokescreek in 20fow slowly get deeper jeff
  7. brain Higgins had a lot to do with the sbh he told the nfta to updated or sell it
  8. milt

    Lowrance hds gen 3 with lss2 ducer

    i have same unit without lss2 ducer I went on you tube to help set it up, there is an update that's has to be done, you like it simple to use once you play around with it jeff
  9. milt

    Ice boom

    iceboom starts coming out on Tuesday the 10th
  10. milt

    Ice boom

    go to https;// live pictures
  11. milt

    Ice boom

    the boom will be coming out soon there is roughly 976 square miles of ice ,it has to be close to 250 square miles of ice before it can be removed I think it takes a couple of days jeff
  12. milt

    Spring walleye at night

    I troll jerkbaits or anything with a rattle in it that dive down to 4-8ft,darker colors work for me , mph is 1.9,i try and stay away from the crowds and I fish a little deeper 12-16 fow ,2017 was a bad year for me but 2014-2016 were awesome hope this helps jeff
  13. put the whole fish in the freezer they will give you $100 for the fish jeff