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Hay JustFishin I have been using bloodrun 32lb copper for years now for walleye I very seldom run any lead core over 5 color. lot faster in and out and you can feel the fish fight more. 125ft 150ft 175ft are my best most days.  I run them off my church boards wit no problem. And I will also use them for spring salmon fishing on lake ontario.

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I knew I should have broken out my 300 copper I use for salmon yesterday. Walleye were down 60 to 70 and 10 color lead couldn't reach them.

300 copper is deadly on the eyes.  getting down 62-65ft depending on speed.  don't tell anyone....its a secret!   Auroralite big boards with three 300 coppers off each side. 


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To me lead core up to 5 colors is a better choice than copper.  Over 5 colors (150 ft of line)  copper has a place vs lead core so for depth minimum would be in the range of 30 to 35 fow.  I’ve run some short 75’ and 85’ coppers and gone back to lead core.  I get copper out when fish are down 50’ or more and 10 colors aren’t firing.  A guy could probably do ok by using copper in lieu of 8 and 10 color rigs.  For walleye I’ve used Bloodrun Walleye Copper with a smaller diameter than LO salmon copper.  If you have the larger diameter salmon copper figure your dive curve for the heavier copper.  I used the smaller diameter to stay away from the big reels like the Penn 345 I used for a 500 copper on Lake Ontario.  It’s fun to try different stuff.

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