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  1. What size & style dipseys are you guys using? Light bites? I didn't think they would trip a diver!
  2. Any tackle shops have emeralds?
  3. What depth did you fish 100ft?
  4. Some people dip them by the multiple 5 gallon buckets making them a little scarce at times
  5. Dmd113

    Tagged walleye

    Did you try typing the # into the DEC website?
  6. Dmd113

    Lc 47's
  7. Dmd113

    Walleye fishing

    tight lines & be safe!
  8. Thanks for the reply! Anyone got emeralds at bait shops?
  9. How many guys use the mud hook rig on bottom?
  10. Dmd113

    Pautzke Fire Dye

    did you try it yet?
  11. congrats on the sale!