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Catt Creek launches

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Just called around asking the same...

State launch said they will not have dock in 'until the beginning of the season'.  I asked that was and was told, "May 28th".

Called Hanover launch (716-934-2462) and no one answered.

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We were out of the catt today a lot more than 40 out there. spread from the catt east and west. The schools were moving for us if you could stay on them, they would cooperate. We fished mainly 65-70 ft. 

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Yep, WAY more than 40 boats !!!

We fished down almost to Evangola, started in 57', bite was best early until around 10:00, then it slowed down.

By then we had 70 in the box. Got a call from a friend who was straight out from us in a large pack of boats in 62' and everyone was catching fish so we ran out there and put another 30 in the box before heading home.

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