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Not many reports so decided to go to Barcelona for the first time. Went out to 80-100fow. DR set at 40ft and set up a 3 and 5 color. Used F9 rapalas gold/black and silver/black. Everything took hits but leadcore was best. Marked very few fish, probably because they were up in water column. Glad I had a good day- long drive from Rochester. Will probably concentrate on salmon rest of season. 



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The bite was real good today.  Got 13 keepers, 6 shorts and missed about 12 between 60 -75 fow slightly west of the harbor.  All on wormharnesses, color didn't seem to matter nor did the method as we caught bottom bouncing, off the downriggers and 5, and 9 color leadcore.  I did lose a rod today, so if anyone snags an ugly stik with a Cabela's branded reel and a black and gold harness and is willing to return it I'd very much appreciate it.  

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Great morning out of Barcelona harbor today. Set up in 80fow NE of port, 10 color leadcores, 1 rigger at 65’, dipseys at 160-170’ back on 2.5 setting. Worm burners and harnesses were best. Caught a couple on sticks, Bay rats got more attention than bombers. Had our 2-man limit by 930, threw 2 legal fish back while clearing rods, 4 shorts, lost a couple good ones. Sheephead were active too, ran into a couple big slugs. 3 double headers, 1 triple. Can’t ask for much more. It really didn’t matter where we were. Caught fish all over from 81-97fow.IMG_0453.thumb.jpeg.ad5c3a4cf4b471f136b322c61b756c8f.jpegIMG_0459.thumb.jpeg.d69346e3aedb99ab2657f807bc8d59c7.jpegIMG_0409.thumb.jpeg.4868b2b8cab9b0bf9e80d46cfc2c97eb.jpeg

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