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live crawlers vs. gulp typ

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I always keep a bag or 2 of plastic night crawlers in my boat,  just in case I run out of real crawlers. Color doesn't seem to matter but I like purple  I have caught plenty of walleye on plastic but usually go to real night crawlers. When  the junk fish are just to numerous, I switch to renoskies. I almost always have at least 2 renoskies in the mix. I  never allow  crawlers in dirt in the boat because I'm the one who gets to clean up the mess. Wash them down night before, and store in wet news paper strips. Bait always in the cooler in one of those plastic covered glad food storage containers you can buy in Tops or Walmart. As soon as the rebait is in the rod holder, the worms go back in with the beer and the lunch. I'm going to have a go with ice water trick  this year.

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