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Catt Reports 2022...

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Started straight out of the Catt. on Friday, 75-82fow, (79*13.148’ west line). Turns out we were too Far East and did not move a rod for 2 hours so we moved about 3 miles west. We passed my buddy and his wife while we were looking for fish on the Garmin. I got on the phone and he already had 10 before 9am. Got set up and put 10 in the boat fairly quickly. Deep rigger at 70’ with a grape ape worm burner, bomber long a northern lights and yellow perch sticks on 10 colors were our best set ups. 79-84fow was best depth. 8.5# fish came on yellow perch bomber. 75* water down 70’. Good reminder that location matters out there.4BCD0F13-C223-482A-85D2-4918EFE797EE.thumb.jpeg.7fc8f51db3e7a2d3fc4c10dee3ed6e84.jpegB6910A94-E72F-407E-A22D-2BFF24A4337E.thumb.jpeg.1a8306d6573fb86f43838acc2bc40e45.jpeg

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You can see the line of the road cut out from the trees going all the way up the hillside when you’re perfectly lined up with it. Visible on a clear day all the way out to the Canadian line.
Okay thanks man that makes sense now tight lines dudes I should be able to get back out to see you guys one more time on Erie things are heating up on Lake Ontario 15 minutes from my house just can't turn it down

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