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  1. That is fantastic. All good size fish..I have been doing some wiring. Trying to get another set of riggers and a second screen.in
  2. Wow. That is quite different than what they do down here. That is awesome. I am sure the smash it when they hit at those speeds. I am going to try to pick my speed up next season. It is so much easier to control the boat , my autopilot does not like going under 1.5 . I have run copper wire not stainless. I will try the stainless next season. Thanks for all of the great info.
  3. I ,also am not a fan of boards. I have tried small inline boards but have not had much luck getting them to ride correctly. In this end it seems everyone has went to electrics and is now at 1.3-1.5. I can get to 1.5 with bags out. I have tried running big boards of each side but at those low speed they don't seem to keep up? What speed do you troll? I remember years ago we would run jet divers and pirate spoons at 2.3 off big board and do really well. So I have in the past run over 2. But I think I have been going to fast ,this season I slowed to 1.5 and seem to get the bottom bite better. I have noticed that the slower you are going the lighter they seem to hit. I am going to look into the lite bite dipsies. I have not ever heard of them but it would be really good to know when you are dragging a white perch. I have not ever run wire in Lake Erie. I run it in Ontario. I hit bottom in 80 fow with 10 color on a turn. I think wire would drop even further??. Thanks for all of the info it is really appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the info.i have run hotntots and some other baits along with sticks. I have been running dipsys boards wire and lead core and down riggers. I have not ever run 2 dipsys on one side. I appreciate all of the info. I have a few friends that are captains In this area. I think the biggest thing is to get out and put lines in the water often,to get a program together. Tight lines. Slice o life
  5. I actually spent a few days down your end looking at some boats this spring in and around Port Clinton. There are some really nice Marina's down there.
  6. Hey misdirection, I am in the other end of the lake. I am in Buffalo NY.
  7. Hey Sherman, Thanks for the kind words. It has been a long time, in the planning and saving dept. To get her in the water. Thanks again, Slice.
  8. Hey all, Working on getting the new boat completed. It is getting there.
  9. I made the 25 mile steam from buffalo last Friday. Fished 80 fow. 1,10 color, bottom bouncer rod and a rigger ended 5 walleye and a nice laker on the 10 color. Going to try for perch tomorrow.
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