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Stick baits and spoons


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Tony, here are some brands and sizes I’ve used.  For colors I don’t know what you might already have in your box so pick colors you have confidence in or have worked for you before.  Silver Streaks in 3 1/4 Mini or 2 1/4 Jr. , Warrior in 3 3/8 Flutter or 2 1/4 Little Warrior and Dream Weaver 3 5/8 Super Slim or 2 3/8 WD.  For sticks I run Bomber Long A, Bandits, Bay Rats and Smithwicks.  The Bomber Long A’s are “old school” - the black, silver, orange belly has caught eyes for years.  This is a good time to support the local shops.  When I buy lures I never buy just one of a color!  With all the fish around many colors are working.

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I like smithwicks in purple or,brownish or green colors. at night I like the greenish colors work best for me


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