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Just curious if any comments are available on this subject from the members. Has there ever been interest in the Buffalo area for a serious party fishing boat operation, say a nice luxury 40 to 80 passenger class fishing vessel? A licensed offshore-capable boat with a basic food and beverage outlet, maybe coffee burgers and beer etc, along with baits/gear, mates, etc., berthed downtown. We'll specialize  in lake and harbor fishing,  perhaps river fishing at times,  two or three trips a day is what I'm considering putting together. I sense its not a slam-dunk success story for a number of reasons such as operating costs versus customer interest, but I also think it has merit, and would appreciate any feedback from the honorable folks here, who I know some of. Thank you for reading! 


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As the seasons go by Lake Erie’s water temperature changes the fish are close to the Buffalo Harbor and around of July they begin travel past Sturgeon Point areas to west of the Cattaraugus Creek . By September with cooler nights they return to the Buffalo areas. I base this on over sixty years experience fishing on the lake, both hook and line and gill net operation. Operating a head boat out of Buffalo will not be successful after July 1st. By then the Cattaraugus Creek area is more productive. By late August the fish will return to the Buffalo areas. The success of a head boat operation financially is operating in other areas.

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