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Eastern Basin Steelhead fishing


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Eastern Basin Steelhead fishing

The walleye in and around North East and Barcelona have been dinks.  14-16in fish.  Hitting so light my chamberlain releases don't trip, and its damn near impossible to see the hits on my dipsys and planer boards.  This weekend I'm going to try something different.


I fish out of Barcelona or North East harbor, in the eastern basin.  The steelhead have been elusive for me.  Ive gone 10 miles off shore, found cold water with my probe, and trolled 2.8-3.2mph at the ball.  using spoons, spindoctors and flys, dodgers, etc.  And I'm yet to have a good day catching them.  Is there a trick to catching lake erie steelhead?  I slaughter them on Ontario out of Olcott.


Any help would be appreciated.




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