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  1. My lead core is put away. All dipsy and riggers. Fish On!!
  2. Seabee75

    on the marks

    Only missing a sheepshead!! Fish On!!
  3. Seabee75

    Lund or crestliner.

    My 1990 Lund tyee 1850 kicks ass. 115 Johnson with a 15 Johnson kicker. Love it. Handles the waves and catches fish. Fish On!!
  4. Fished barcelona tonight. Only 3 takers, screen looked nice several times. 85fow was best. She was also rolling a bit more than I prefer. Fish On!!
  5. Seabee75


    Nice to try something different. Good for you guys. I'll have to switch it up. Although I'm getting tired of the trolling motor droaning on and on. Almost steelhead season and will be in the creek soon. Fish On!!
  6. Seabee75

    Canvas work

    Tony's shoe shop in Westfield NY fixes lots of them. Take in only. He is on the corner of rt 20 and 394. Fish On!!
  7. Barcelona docks were under water and harbor up to the pier. Tomorrow is not looking good. Things would have to calm down pretty quickly overnight. Fish On!!
  8. Seagauer 15 lbs fluorocarbon, or Berkeley Vanish fluorocarbon has worked well. Fish On!!
  9. I don't use them and never had any problems. The 10 to 12ft leader gives enough stretch in my opinion. Plus there are so many small fish, the snubber might make it even harder to trip the dipsy. Fish On!!
  10. Seabee75

    Eastern Basin Steelhead fishing

    Not many people target steelhead that I know of on lake erie. Except in the fall when they make the move closer to shore. Fish On!!
  11. No money unless there is a transmitter. I think Fish On!!
  12. Seabee75

    Tagged walleye

    That's the Dec address for the field office in dunkirk. You can call or bring the tag in for the information. Fish On!!
  13. Seabee75


    Bills hooks in Dunkirk. She has the part's to make your own and she makes her own harnesses to buy as well Fish On!!
  14. Are they catching lots of small ones towards the catt? Fish On!!
  15. Seabee75

    Where to go?

    What port are you going to? All seem to be doing well. Fish On!!