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Tagged walleye

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We caught a tagged walleye out of northeast harbor on Sunday.

I am looking for information on it and can't find a thing. The tag reads as follows.

NYS DEC N 60227

178 point DR

Dunkirk 14048


I would appreciate any information I can get.

I'm thinking it a dispersal study or something like that.

Anyway the fish was 20" long was caught in 70FOW 40 feet down out in front of northeast marina.



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The DEC & about 40 different other agencies have implanted transmitters inside walleye, sturgeon, lakers and a bunch of other fish to study their migration patterns. It's part of the Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observation System (GLATOS). Receivers are anchored all over the lake, the Detroit River, St Clair and other places. The DEC Dunkirk station at Pt Gratiot runs the telemetry project in this area. I understand a walleye that was tagged in Western Lake Erie has parked itself outside Bflo Harbor. With the study, they can track the migration from Western Lake Erie to the Barcelona/Dunkirk area & pretty much anywhere else. The transmitters & receivers of all the fish run on the same frequency so 'eyes that have been tagged in Cleveland can even be tracked by receivers used in the sturgeon study that are anchored outside Bflo. 

The walleye that have been implanted have a spaghetti tag on their outside. DO NOT put the fish in the freezer. Return the transmitter to the Dunkirk office & you get a $100 reward. The other fish (like sturgeon) are NOT tagged on the outside & you won't know if they have a transmitter. You would let a fish like that go. Besides being illegal to keep, there is no reward.

Here is the website for GLATOS if you wanted to see what else is going on.


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BTW, when the 'eyes are captured to be tagged, their size, weight, age, location, etc are located. The data on their migration is stored in the receivers anchored to the bottom of the lake. Around October they start downloading the data & all that data is sent to GLATOS, where it is sorted & sent. A receiver that was anchored to the bottom could have the data from sturgeon, lakers, muskies, etc. GLATOS will send that data to each organization that has tagged fish. Conversely, US Fish & Wildlife have receivers anchored outside Bflo Harbor & that data could contain walleye data from fish tagged in Cleveland. USFWS will send their downloaded data to GLATOS & GLATOS will send it to whoever it belongs to.

It takes a while for GLATOS to send the data out because they have to wait for everyone else to send their data so they can sort it all out.

I hope I didn't make it more confusing than it needs to be

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