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walleye fishermen

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Everybody tight lipped.you know.lake Erie such a small lake in all with only 70 million walleyes in the lake.lol.if your fishin outta buffalo go deep,50 to 55 feet.ive been chugging heavy ass bottom bouncers,5 ouncers,with #5 blade harnesses in any color you can think of.ive even used pink blades harness with pink beads.it just don't really matter.they are after that juicy crawler.fish will start moving west a little now so sturgeon and catt creek launches will be good.fish generally go deeper in August also 60 to 75 feet.you can still catch them the old school way with bouncers but you gotta have 7 to 8 ounce bouncers.on ebay search bottom bouncers local dude in Niagara falls makes any wieght and any amount you want.ive been doing this on lake erie for 30 yrs and always catch fish on the bottom.some walleye suspend but majority stay on the bottom.hope this helps man.

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I am out of Cleveland, not sure where you are. There are millions of little walleye from 30' to all the way out to Canada. The bigger fish are east towards PA. and out deep in 65'+.  Personally, I have been using inline weights and bottom bouncers with harnesses all year and killing them. Sometimes williow and sometimes colorado. SLOW speeds at .09 to 1.4 have been working for me. I have heard guys trolling up to 3mph pulling spoons on dipseys and jets with success. Cranks have been a dud all yr., don't know why. 

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thank you, guys, for posting. but when we tried to start our motor and it was locked up and had water in the cylinders. we went out on our 1st day last year and my son wimped out on me and turned around and came back in. the next time out it wasn't running right and we noticed it was overheating. i think on our 1st trip it was overheating and we didn't notice. then we shut down to get everything ready to come back in and when he started the motor with it hot and cold water from the lake might have cracked a head. or when we shut it down with it very hot and when the heads cooled a head warped just enough to cause it to blow a head gasket. then when we went back out the blown head gasket is why it wasn't running right. then we brought it home not knowing anything bad was wrong. but the cylinders had got enough water in them to rust the cylinder rings to lock up the motor. and we found out the motor had locked up when we started getting it ready for this year.


The bottom line is we won't be going up this year. but next year we will be back. 


we have been doing good in July using larger spoons out past 70' of water out of Geneva Ohio the last couple of years. I can't really give you the depth but we used 65# power pro for our main line back 200'+ running 2.7 to 3.0 or as close as we could get using lite bite slide divers rigged like a dipsy. and caught mostly larger fish as the smaller ones didn't hit the larger spoons like they did the smaller spoons.

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