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  1. Everybody tight lipped.you know.lake Erie such a small lake in all with only 70 million walleyes in the lake.lol.if your fishin outta buffalo go deep,50 to 55 feet.ive been chugging heavy ass bottom bouncers,5 ouncers,with #5 blade harnesses in any color you can think of.ive even used pink blades harness with pink beads.it just don't really matter.they are after that juicy crawler.fish will start moving west a little now so sturgeon and catt creek launches will be good.fish generally go deeper in August also 60 to 75 feet.you can still catch them the old school way with bouncers but you gotta have 7 to 8 ounce bouncers.on ebay search bottom bouncers local dude in Niagara falls makes any wieght and any amount you want.ive been doing this on lake erie for 30 yrs and always catch fish on the bottom.some walleye suspend but majority stay on the bottom.hope this helps man.
  2. Heading out of sturgeon point for the first time tmro.wheres a good starting point?using riggers and sticks.thanks
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