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  1. The Garmin 93Sv's a solid choice, you'll notice a big difference in clarity and detail, especially with that screen size upgrade.
  2. Catching a steelhead is a nice bonus!!
  3. Four keepers in a few hours is a productive outing. Whatspecfic bait or lures were you using to target them?
  4. Your knowledge on trolling speeds and lure types are valuable for other anglers. Thanks for sharing your tips!
  5. NGL I have heard about using Coleman lanterns to attract minnows, but doing so to catch Blue Pike in cooler waters is fascinating!
  6. Hi there, september sure is a great time to fish in Presque Isle Bay. Bass, walleye, crappie, bluegill are abundant. Try to fish in deeper water with live bait or crankbaits or shallow water around piers and docks with small minnows or jigs. Good luck, hope you have fun!
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