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1st Walleye trip of the year

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If you don't mind me asking, how deep do you fish to find walleye's out of the catt this time of year? 

I am familiar with where to find them and how to catch them later in the season, its my second year with a boat so just not sure the where or the how right now LOL any insite appreciated...

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I usually fish at night for eyes until around Memorial day (around then the water warms to above 60 and the fish move deeper).  I target 5-12 FOW, flat lining shallow diving stick baits.  After the night bite I target 25-45 FOW near the spots I was catching them at night.  If you find them in 25' you can flat line deep diving sticks, if they're deeper you need to start using your lead core, small dipseys, riggers, etc. 

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