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  1. Perch are still there. Didn't put in until 6:00pm (going eye fishing). Perch fished for an hour or so and caught 15. All the females we caught had eggs still. Went for eyes after that and netted 7 of them. Got off water at midnight.
  2. Water low - got buried Wednesday at the town launch pulling boat out. Luckily buddies put in at state launch and were able to pull me out. 2 boats and 0 perch.
  3. There were still marks (not as many as a few weeks ago though) 55-65' down over 70-85FOW. Been a lot of fronts coming through lately - weather and lake need to settle down for a few days.
  4. It was tough fishing out there this morning - trolled from 6:30 to 9:30AM in 65 to 84 FOW - caught nothing. Went in to 54 FOW to perch fish - ended up with 15 perch and 1 22" eye. Spoke with 3 boats at harbor 1 15" eye caught between the 3.
  5. Around Thanksgiving, Lowrance elite ti-9 goes on sale, every year at cabelas. Normally retails for 1099 and goes on sale for 599. That's what I use and would recommend it.
  6. We've been fishing 55-70FOW west of Barcelona. Fished 5:30am to 10:30am - Caught 24 Thursday and 24 Friday. All fish suspended at 40-50FOW. Riggers set at 45', Dipseys set at number 3 setting 125' out, 8 colors lead core. Getting ready to leave soon to get out there this morning. Also stopped in 45FOW Friday and threw a jig with half worm and slayed sheepshead on the perch poles for a half hour on the way in.
  7. Went today - killed it - thanks Crestcom Bite was killer from 9am-10am.
  8. Same with us Sparrow. Ran to Van Buren fished 55 to 70 FOW. When not even a tail was nipped we decided to try out deeper. We ran past all that dirty water (between 72 - 90 FOW) and started in 95 FOW. There were marks everywhere from 35 to 70 feet down, bait was loaded in the top 40 FOW. Fished that for a couple of hours and not even a tail nip.
  9. Both the town and state launches were closed today (and Dunkirk has 1 dock closed).
  10. Went out of SBH yesterday, 6/2, and fished from 6AM-1PM. Trolled with sticks and harnesses in 25-42FOW. Got 2 in first hour and lost 1 then not another eye for the rest of the day (3 sheeps and 1 bass). Didn't see any nets moving on other boats. Water temp was 60 on surface - forgot probe for fishhawk so not sure what bottom temp is.
  11. I usually fish at night for eyes until around Memorial day (around then the water warms to above 60 and the fish move deeper). I target 5-12 FOW, flat lining shallow diving stick baits. After the night bite I target 25-45 FOW near the spots I was catching them at night. If you find them in 25' you can flat line deep diving sticks, if they're deeper you need to start using your lead core, small dipseys, riggers, etc.
  12. Next to 18 mile Creek - again closer to Sturgeon Point
  13. Went yesterday out of the Catt. My boy and I ended up with 56. Had to fish around a few icebergs, but lake was glass.
  14. Never targeted cats, but caught one 2 years ago while perch fishing in front of the Catt - had to be 20 lbs (on perch rod 6lb test - took about 30-40 mins to get in), so that had to be in April. Mac on myfishfinder.com talks about catfishing during spring (I don't think he's on this site) - but if you go there I'm sure he would give you advice.
  15. thank you - let us know if you check it out tomorrow
  16. South wind - lake should be fine. Questions is, can we launch?
  17. Hey Ghauser....when you went a few weeks ago, were you targeting perch? how did you do? Yes, brought home 28. Could never find a good mark. So it was one of those days where you get a couple and then wait 20 minutes with no action and then pick up a couple of more and then no action...
  18. Haven't been to the Catt in a few weeks and was thinking of heading down Friday - Can we still get out of the state launch (any ice build up in launch)?
  19. I noticed a water temp change from Saturday to Sunday. Saturday the temp was 58.5 degrees 35ft down. Sunday it was anywhere from 50 to 54 degrees 35 ft down. We boated 28 in 6 hours Saturday and 12 in 6 hours Sunday.
  20. Lake is a little warmer than what the map states. Yesterday, it was 46.5 from Sturgeon Point to the white wall and 49 around dunkirk.
  21. The surface temperature from Sturgeon Point to Dunkirk is 47-48 degrees.
  22. Slapshot - We went out Wednesday and got our 3 man limit. We started in 80fow of water in front of Catt and the water 65ft down was only 58 degrees, so we headed towards Dunkirk and the water warmed up to 66 degrees 65ft down. That's where we caught all our fish. All fish we marked were 60 ft to bottom.
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