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Hey Steelie, I bet that ruined your day!! lol That's what's cool about the eastern end you never know what your gonna bring up!! Congrats to your outing, I hope things start to set up!! Not to be nosy, how big was your eye??











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Steelie, no I didn't, the reason being, I needed to replace the lower shift cable on my I/O so I pulled the lower unit and got the old cable out, I pulled the inner wire out first then I shoved weed wacker line up to the top so when I put new cable in it follows the rout of the old cable, done this on other boats and I worked flawless!! Well I put the new outer cable in this cable is so stiff it wouldn't follow the line. I called our local marina, and he told me the newer cables are made heavier and are a bitch to work with. Well I can see that what's the secret there is none, keep at till you get it. To make a long story short I had to admit defeat and called them to see if the could possibly get it. My boat is the modle 888 which means there's no designated rout for the cable, other than the less turns the better, and I had it that way but I couldn't get the cable to spin, the nut on the cable is made fast to the cable so I have to spin the whole cable to screw it into the bell housing of the out drive. I had to dissemble the risers on the inside and pull the power steering so "I" could spin the cable. I took the boat home to do all this then I took it back to the marinia, it took three guys 2 1/2hrs to get it in right, they also said they never had one that was this difficult!! In a way I was glad I was wondering if I was loosing my mind. Now I have to put all this stuff back together. I hope to have it together for the week after the opening day of walleye season in NY. and I didn't want to book anything till I know for sure it's all ok. We will see what happens. I hope to have it done buy the beginning of next week. Who would of ever thought putting a cable in would be this stubborn. For me that's par for the case. I'm still planning on coming out, we will see its looking like in June for sure. 

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1 hour ago, Steelie said:

Sounds like an stubborn one , let me know if you make it here.

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Man you got that right, leave it to Sea Ray to have such a screwed up system, mine is in between the Alpha and the  Alpha1, they used old style and newer styles I come to find out, the original cable was put in with the Alpha drive, but the Alpha 1 style has a different style exhaust and that's were the problem is with no designated rout for the cable only guys with old school education know how the cable goes. They even pulled the cable back out and with 6 eyes looking in there they got it. I'm disabled with a busted up back 3 surgeries and more plates and pins and screws in me than a hardware store, I felt pretty good when they couldn't get it either. Things take me a lot longer than the average Joe. But I don't quit easy!!!

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