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Fish hawk td and older model

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So went out with neighbor on kinzua to help chart some rods with him. Apparently his fish hawk td only comes back with readings when it feels like it. I assume this is not normal? It's pretty much brand new and he takes care of his stuff better than anyone I have ever met. Also his tourny partner has one that does the same? Anyone have this issue?


Also he had an old school td (pic) anyone seen them before or know if you can still get them. He said it worked way better.


Got to learn the slow death rig for eyes tonight also and managed to boat a few shorts and some nice perch.


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Picture is product called a “Fishfinder” made by Koch.  From old threads I found these were imported and sold under several names including by Cabelas.  From age of threads they have been discontinued for quite some time.  Sounded like those that had them liked how they work.  eBay might be a place to look for another.  

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