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2017 deer season


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Nice Buck Brandon- your daughter is a spitting image of you. I hunted one property Saturday and a different on Sunday. All 5 of us tagged our bucks. It was definitely all or nothing. I never saw a deer opening day but got run over on Sunday. Bucks were chasing hard Sunday in southern Erie county. This was the best of the bunchIMG_0812.HEIC

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Any good ducks around on your end of Erie Brandon? Ontario has decent numbers but mostly merganser and Goldeneye. Butchering 5 deer in 2 days has me questioning filling any doe tags anytime soon. Freezer jammed with venison and walleye. 2017 goes down as one great year with the fins and fur in my book.

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Nice, jeff. My cameras have all been pretty quiet as of late. But after a week or so off, my daughter and I decided to try it before the cold front rolled through. With only a short time to hunt, I picked her up from school at 3:15, home to change quick and in the woods by 3:45. Within 15 minutes we had a doe train rolling threw. We watched and waited on a good one with some of them within 15 yards. What a great year it has been for me to be able to enjoy quality time with her in the woods and on the water... had some pretty special/proud times this fall! And she reminded me that my shot was a just a little back too, hahaha. 20171206_092721.jpg20171206_092529.jpg

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