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Perch at the Catt


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Perch success is the ability to attract and keep under your boat a school of perch. If your screen shows them, anchor up the wind and current to hold your boat over the school on the screen. If you see a boat catching perch, move over nearby. If he feels you are crowding him, tell him to leave if he wants. He is fortunate as the more bait nearby holds a perch school in the area. When setting your perch lines, the more hooks, 15 hooks per line is legal, and minnows will keep the perch nearby and if you have two other anglers set up this results in a school of perch of about over near ninety minnows with their odors attracting more perch to your area. The most productive hook is your bottom hook near you weight. The minnow in the mud is more productive since the perch do not have to expend more energy to catch the fleeing minnows.  

I have taken coolers of perch this way. This time of year with falling surface water temperatures the perch schools will be inside 65 foot of water with 55 foot a good searching place. Lake Erie is like a river with bottom currents flowing and east winds will have the current flowing southwest.

Jim Drozdowski Sr.







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Hey Joe! Always like reading your posts. 

Out of Sturgeon in 52' grabbed 81. Was marking them good. Cooled off around noon and moved farther west and closer to shore (around 54') and finished off the day with a two man limit. 

Don't launch out of Sturgeon with an easterly wind lol. The bar is making itself known.






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