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You can also look at the Simrad Cruise (similar to the Go, but does not have a touchscreen).

As far as the the best place to buy, I'd just suggest googling them and buying from the cheapest reputable dealer. I know the GPS Store, Defender Marine, and Hodges Marine are all reputable and have good prices.

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you already have some great suggestions. now just go on the web and type in which one you want to look at first. then check out the recommended sights until you find the best deal. like others i am a diehard Lowrance guy. I've been using the lcx 38c hd for over 20 yrs and it still gets me back home and shows me the fish. I've bought 2 spares off eBay so if mine pukes i'll replace it with the same one. but if i was buying now i would be looking at a hds7. but keep your eyes open for one to pop up for sale on fishing forums where guys upgrade to larger units. buying a hds 7 or bigger you need to find a used one for sale, they are expensive. I just went on line and a refurbished one was still 1099.00

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