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Any recommendations for boat insurance? I’ve had progressive the last several years. I’m looking to add additional coverages and figured I’d see what you all recommend.


I want to cover the boat and gear with liability of course. I do not charter but I do tournament fish. Boat stays on the trailer. Seatow included is a bonus!



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After first month of insurance this year I had to get towed west of Woodlawn to sturgeon point. Had water in my gas.. Cost me 600 for the tow. I sent the bill to allstate and they put the funds back in my account that day after a quick talk with an agent. I was surprised and relieved

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i had geico boat insurance and boat us for towing and trailer assist. i had a outdrive crash and needed a tow at geneva oh. it costed 600.00 and all i did was call boat us and they did the rest, i didnt pay anything.


my trailer lost a wheel a few miles south of cincy on I-75 and had road work going on. it was about 10:00 pm and in the middle of nowhere and i didnt know what to do. but then i thought about boatus and called them and it wasnt long until a flatbed wrecker showed up and towed us to there shop. boatus paid for everything.


a couple of weeks ago i backed my boat into the pole barn with the brand new tol leaning back on the 2 back posts where on my old top it would lay all the way down. the top hit the pole barn door bending the top beyond use, it tore the connectors out of the boat and the top came around and bent the side window frame and busted the side glass. the adjuster came out and totaled the boat. i received payment about a week later. they gave me the option to buy the boat back for 675.00 and i did. no hassle at all with them. i recommend them both.

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