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What is the best .300 wm long range ?

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I'm currently in the market for a .300 mag long range, but I need some help with deciding what to buy. I'm gonna be using this gun for elk hunting and sheep hunting and to have fun shooting targets at 1000+ yards.

Also I'd like to know what scope would be the best for this application.

And also looking for small game hunting air rifle

I'll be loading my own ammo as well so any good recipes are welcome.

Thanks everyone.

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I think there are lots of good options, and you'll get lots of opinions........

I've been shooting a Weatherby Vanguard in .300 WM for 30 years, with a Leupold vari-x 3, 3.5 - 10 and been very happy with it ..... but I will admit that I've never had any intention of shooting any animal at 1000 yards. Ranges where I hunt for elk are typically 50 - 400 yards....

I'd recommend finding a premium bullet that you are comfortable with. Currently, I'm shooting a 165 gr. Hornady Interbond, but I've handloaded Nosler Partitions, Hornady Interlocks, and Winchester Failsafes from 150 to 180 grains. You'll have to shoot them to find a recipe your gun likes. For my gun, Hornady bullets have given me the best accuracy over a variety of weights. Your gun may like something altogether different. I've always handloaded for accuracy, versus velocity, and for my gun it seems like that is never max velocity for a given powder/bullet weight combo.

2020 Montana late season public land bull taken with the 165 gr Interbonds..... about 40 yards from where the bullet hit him. 



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