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Weird Bite


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I typically fish Lake-O for salmon and decided to try Lake Erie with my father for walleye in his new to him boat.  Last Wednesday we headed out of the Catt. and motored out to all the other boats in about 80 FOW, I brought my 10-color lead core, a few brown trout rods, and all the necessary spoons, sticks, and worm harnesses since we do fish for walleye up near Henderson, on Lake-O.  I was reading some of the Erie threads about using snap weights and thought we would give it a try, with that being said, this is the where I was totally at a lost.  We sent the 10-color out with a Bomber Long-A stick and after I set up the other two rods with snap weights and trolling at 2.0 - 2.2 mph.  I did so by letting out 50' of line, snapped a 1 oz weight on the line, and then sent out another 100' of line thinking I will be fishing my stick bait in about 50 FOW.  Well, once we found the fish, the 10-color rod kept firing and we were unable to keep it in in the water for more than 5-10 minutes before it landed another, the other two rods with the snap weights never fired all day.  I tried different sticks, spoons, and worm harnesses and still had no luck getting them on fish, the only thing that landed ALL our fish was the 10-color.  Was there something I was doing wrong with setting up the snap weight rods ? I also tried to vary the length of line I sent out after attaching the snap weight but that didn't help either.  This totally baffled me as to why these two rods never moved all day ? 

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More weight and farther back.  In line boards to get lines away from boat.  Longer leads and wider spreads on Lake Erie.  5 color lead pretty versatile and your 2 oz weights on that would probably get you down to the fish that a 10 is taking.  Dipseys deadly on deep eyes too.

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Thanks, guys.  So my mistake was using the 1oz weight instead of the 2oz and thinking I was fishing in the right depth, that makes sense.  So using the same "formula" of 50' of line out, add 2oz snap weight, and then now double the line out to your target depth should be much closer than before ? 100' out close to 50 depth, 120' out close to 60 depth etc....  Thanks, again !


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