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Live in Canton, OH grew up in NW Ohio fishing the western basin and now travel with the walleye in the summer across the lake. Mostly troll bandits, jets/dipseys and spoons. Looking to purchase my own boat in the near future. Always enjoy hearing success stories from days on the lake and learning new ways to fish. Safe fishing and best of luck!



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From Bflo. ny. Mostly fish Lake Erie, but have fished some of the Finger Lakes for Walleye and Perch. Have a grandson that turned 3 and he is definitely ready to get on the boat and fish. Can't wait for the look on his face when he feels something on the other end. That is a look and feeling that never goes away, but that first one has got to be the greatest. Willing to share info with anyone if I can. looking forward to a great summer. Caronavirus or not, here we come!

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