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Cormorant Control

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I serve on the Great Lakes Fishery Commission as a Rep. for the State of Pennsylvania (sport fishery).. I helped write a resolution in 2018 with John Casselman; Canadian Advisor, Public at Large for the purpose of (see "partial" excerpt below)


"Be it resolved that the U.S. and Canadian advisors of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission support the removal of unnecessary protection afforded to double-crested cormorants under Ontairo’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act by adding them to the list of species under Section 5 (2)(a) to better integrate co-operative cormorant management and control across the Great Lakes, and


Be it further resolved that the U.S. and Canadian Advisors to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission urge that the commission, as an international organization, take a leadership role by urging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Mississippi Flyway Council, the Canadian Wildlife Service, Parks Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, the Council of Lake Committees, and other relevant agencies and organizations to work together in moving forward with prompt action in developing a overarching plan for Great Lakes-wide cormorant control, and


Well-here we go and it's YOUR chance to make a statement via electronic comment or handwritten.


The link is:



You can navigate through it and get to the electronic comment. There are over 300 public comments and more are needed. Keep in mind these cannot be opinions. They want some substance, or experiences of what you have seen etc..

I have put some pics up also showing the navigation areas.


This is GREAT opportunity to speak out against these nasty birds ...


Please share...


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The Federal Agencies are impotent in taking action with the non native cormorant invasion on the Great Lakes. Action to let local state agencies take actions to control the cormorant populations is what is needed.

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