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I have one,(old boat).

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 Nice to see others with some classics still. Mine is a 1974 Reinell open bow, 18', heavy fiberglass, all original with factory "dump" trailer. Motor up until this year was a 1974 Mercury 115 (1150) in-line 6. I just installed a new 2016 Mercury 115 4-stroke on it last week at the tune of $12500. Made some transom upgrades over winter to handle the extra 70#s.

Glad to see this site.....was always nice to visit LOU before my trips up to Lake O, so it will be equally as nice to have LEU for my trips up to Erie -


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Been a casual member for a bit and thought I would introduce myself by way of introducing my boat in this old thread. 1972 SeaCraft Seafari 20 upgraded with bracket and Etec power. 

SeaCrafts are not at all common (although not unheard of) on Lake Erie. The haul shape dates back to a mid-60’s variable deadrise/ vertical strake design patented by its designer/builder Carl Moesly. This haul has a very good ride in chop up and over 2 feet, has excellent lift, low planing speed and is stable at drift. It really performs well in Lake Erie conditions.

I bought her from the original owner out of south Florida where these are much more common. She is a veteran of over a dozen Florida-Bahama crossings.

i have been hoping to get a little more serious about fishing so have been pulling all the tips I can here. Was hoping to make it out today but instead am stuck writing a long first post.


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1954 Chris Craft Special Sportsman, a 20-foot utility with factory hardtop option. It trolls nicely and we do catch walleye on Erie, with the help from this site. Thanks to all who share their knowledge!

Absolutely beautiful boat

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