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  1. 1954 Chris Craft Special Sportsman, a 20-foot utility with factory hardtop option. It trolls nicely and we do catch walleye on Erie, with the help from this site. Thanks to all who share their knowledge!
  2. Went out this morning and picked up a couple of fat 20"rs. Both off the DR using the flutter technique on red shaded harnesses. Fished in 70 to 90 FOW down 65 to 75'. No takers on spoon or sticks even though the screen showed them down there in that range. Lost another couple but although it was slow still a wonderful day on the lake.
  3. A beautiful day on the lake today. We fished in the 70 to 85 FOW about 6-miles west of the mouth and took 10, all off of harnesses (red was the winner, although pink, gold and watermelon had their share). All of the fish were in the 20 to 23" range with one 27"; 6.5-lb'r. Most of the marks were in the 55-70 ft range and we used 5-8 ounces of lead to reach them, on hand helds, and a downrigger - with the flutter technique to round it out. Lost a few more behind the boat and buried a hook in my finger too, could't ask for much more! If we get another weekend, or two, it will be a bonus! Thanks all for your posts and tips, they really do help!
  4. A fine day indeed, two man limit this morning. All on Harnesses off the bottom in 70 to 80 FOW west of the Catt. Pink, Purple and Red did the trick for all of them. Most were nice 18-22 inchers with a few 3 and 4-pounders and one 9.5 pound 30" slob.
  5. We did OK. Took 10 off the bottom in 80-90 FOW - all on harnesses (17-20"). Lost three more and threw a couple back. Marked a bunch in the 40-55 FOW but couldn't get them to bite. The last few were surprisingly feisty, for September Walleye.
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