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Walleye Easy walleye fishing

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Fished Erie out of Lampey yesterday. banged a ton of walleye, and as usual watched several boats struggle to catch fish. here is the easiest way and you don't have to spend a bunch of money.

2oz, and 3 oz inline weights , crawler harnesses, ( not a giant willow leaf blade with big beads) use a 3 beads and a Butterfly blade.

6' leader, butterfly blade with a half crawler and 2 oz inline weight.

let out 70-80' of line and walla your in the zone, troll at 1.5-1.7 mph and you WILL catch fish right behind the boat.

No dipsys, no big gear,  We fish this way all year long , You feel the fish fight on lighter tackle and have fun! I go out to fish not to bang out a limit and be the first one back to beat my chest and say what a good fishermen I am like most.

this an awesome way for kids to catch alot of walleye and not get wore out by a dipsy rod!

good luck to all



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Good tip. I have all the gear, leadcore, dipseys, coppers, autopilot, itroll, riggers, big boards. But your advice on just using some lead and low drag harness is refreshing. I think I will try it. Thanks.

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 we did it again yesterday.   55' of water- 90' back on a 2 oz inline

100' back on 3 oz.  kept busy all morning, 1/2 crawlers and butterfly blades wacked em.

good luck!





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