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    • Dunkirk 2019

      Happy Spring! I'll be fishing vessel Godzilla this season, starting tomorrow. Anyone try any daytime drops off Van Buren?

      in Lake Erie Fishing Reports

    • Dunkirk walleye

      The wife and I are planning a weekend trip of walleye fishing out of Dunkirk marina. My question is, how far will we have to go to get into good walleye fishing waters. We only have a 14ft Lund deep v. Just don’t want to get caught in bad weather.   Thanks 

      in Lake Erie Fishing Reports

    • Dunkirk 6/18/19

      Hello,  I frequent the Lake Ontario United page quite often when I fish there, and decided to go fish Erie for the first time out of my boat today, so I figured I'd join here as well. I live a couple hours southeast of Buffalo, so most of my fishing trips have been to the finger lakes or Lake Ontario. I went on a charter trip on Erie out of Walnut Creek  to celebrate my father's retirement last year, and did pretty well. Yesterday we finally decided to take a trip back to Erie, this time ou

      in Lake Erie Fishing Reports

    • Dunkirk NY Pier closed 4/8 to 8/10/19 Ramp remains open

      Heads up for those who fish or take a summer drive.  Dunkirk pier is closing 4/8/19 to approximately 8/10/19.  Renovation after 40 years.   Boat launch and everything in that general area is open and the same as it has been. 

      in Open Lake Discussion

    • Dunkirk-September 30

      Finished out our charter season yesterday out of Dunkirk.  Another great day, and for those of you that keep your boats moving, the next few weeks will probably remain good!     Shallow sticks off 170-175 diver and WD's of 85 riggers yesterday.   Fish were deeper in the water column.  95-105 straight out.   John

      in Lake Erie Fishing Reports

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