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Walleye Rob Ray Tourney

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Fished most off the week, Thursday morning had a decent bite out front. Fished 4,5,6 colors with Sticks little west of harbor. Nothing special probably a dozen fish with two over 5lbs. 

Friday came big fish Friday and no big fish for us to be found we covered huge amounts of water. Fished all depths and even caught eyes down deep in 45 degree water well below thermo which was at forty feet. So after boating close to 35 eyes all under 5lbs we had no plan. 

After beers we decided we were going to make a long run west and fish an area we are accustomed to. Friday night the wind blew 25 knots out of north east. Once we got to our spot the thermo has moved up to 32 feet. We planned on running some deep leads but quickly came out the two and three colors. At mid morning thinking about running seven color goesoff only deep rod we have goes with a 9.8 lber. 10 minutes later bam... 7lber and 8lber double on two and three color. Understanding how fishing has been I thought we needed two over 5lbs to win. Through the day we grinded and got two more good fish which we got. Last fish was a skinny 28” 6.4 lber. I thought this fish sealed the deal. We were overly confident. Big fish have been hard and I think we did 40 fish easy to get 7 over five lbs. 

wiegh in came along and winner wieghed in 42 lbs. we came in fourth with roughly 37.5 lbs and second big fish. The disappointment was horrible for my crew and I. Turns out the bigger fish turned on throughout the lake. I honestly thought 34 lbs would win it. Well maybe our luck will change in the sunset shootout. 


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Plan needed to be 5lbs more effective lol. Cool thing is I’m sure we had the most diversity as of age (possibly cultural also). My son is 9 and fish with my grandpa friend whom is 83. They both participate and get not special treatment.  

The kid bleeds the Walleye we eat and the Walleye get the best of him sometimes. That’s what happens when the Walleye fight back. It’s walleye blood not his. 



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That is cool-nice to see the kids and older folks involved.  83 year old must be pretty spry to tournament fish at that age!  I had a couple teenagers on my trip Saturday and they had fun playing with the tackle and catching fish. I like seeing the kids involved.  Good deal.

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