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Lake Erie North Shore

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I went out from Port Colborne between 8 am and 2 pm, fished in 40 - 50 FOW between 20 and 35 feet using 2 downriggers with crawler harness, didn't catch a thing. The surface temperature was 58°F.  I'll try trolling with crankbaits around the breakwater in a few days, the bottom is rocky, and the water is about 10 to 15 feet deep.

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Walleyes at this time are suspended near the surface They do not appear on your graph as they are spooked by your boats presence. Long lines do not work either as the walleyes are not there anymore. Use side planers off the area where your boat has not passed. Vary the length of your lines off the planers or add small weights to determine where the action is. Stick baits are wigglers like Rapalas and divers shake more can determine the better lure. Worm harnesses off the boards will troll slower and attract walleyes to rise up to feed.

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