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  1. We caught a ton of fish the past two days during the con club tourney. There are tons of fish around out front right now. We caught fish from Dunkirk to in front of 18mile on Friday and from Brockton to the pa line yesterday. Fishing is great right now. Stay above 55 feet though (where we found thermocline in deeper water) or you are likely gonna slime up the boat with lakers. We got one yesterday pushing 20. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  2. We were out on Saturday and did a limit in 70ft out of Dunkirk. There are a ton of eaters out there. Caught a TON of fish this year and have yet to brak the 7lb barrier. May have to fish elsewhere, but its hard to move when you are limited in under 4 hrs (in the middle of the day).
  3. All eaters? Did you get them on Renosky's or Bay Rats? We will be out again from Dunkirk this weekend and thinking of trying an all stick program.
  4. Was out yesterday a bit choppy (not bad). Fished out in 70 foot, fish in top 35 feet for us. Didn't get out until 11am, but ended up with a half dozen in 2 and a half hours. Half fish on bay rats and half on harnesses. Also headed out to 100 to see what was there. Slime trout are there for the taking. Hope to start getting out a bit more now. Good Luck guys.
  5. Launched on Sunday for the year. Was greeted by a underwater city launch. We went out for perch for a short bit outside of Dunkirk and failed to find them. There are some walleyes around, but the fog was terrible on Sunday. Wanted to just get the boat out and in order for the year. If you plan to launch at Dunkirk and there is a west wind see the photo below. Bring waders or wear sandles. Water is in the mid 50's.
  6. Not yet, but putting the boat in Chadwick this weekend. I'll probably troll a bit that way unless I try for perch. Good luck if you get out there.
  7. Same thing out of Catt. All eaters. 60-75 ft. Lots of small fish should be good for upcoming years. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  8. Nice fish ! We were also out sat, but got a late start. Ran down to 18 mile and trolled back toward Seneca shoal. 4 leadcore rods and 2 riggers. Only taker a 6.5 lb bass. Was a little bumpy, but definitely manageable. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  9. I was out again this past week and very, very slow. It will get there though. Once it turns on I am sure you will get some fish. Good Luck
  10. I'm gonna be out tomorrow for a few hours. I'll let you know how we do.
  11. I was also out this past Sat. and Monda. Nada. Its only a matter of time before the daytime fishery turns on.
  12. I have a Simrad NSS EVO2 7. Fantastic sonar, chart plotter, instrument display, ect. Super fast response time (for the touch screen - works when wet) and completely configurable windows. Chirp sonar works fantastic (super clear picture). I have the wifi unit (is included with the GO9 - I think) so I also send the screen image to an old iPad I have mounted under the hardtop (you can also send to Andriod or an iPhone). Very happy will Simrad. Same interface as Lowrance pretty much. I guess its all personal preference in the end though.
  13. Did you happen to notice if they had the gates up on the slips yet ? Hoping to drop it in for the season on Saturday.
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