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  1. Hunter-Dan

    Crossbow ?

    Yes I've heard nothing but Good about Earth Sprites!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  2. Hunter-Dan

    Crossbow ?

    In my opinion Excalibur Micro 335-355 Cant be beat. 1 the string can be replaced in the field. 2 It can be unstrung when not in use.(etc.) winter storage. Ive talked to a few DEC Officers and they all said they would'nt ticket a hunter for having to much draw power. They are reliable treestand narrow and very accurate. Just my opinion .
  3. Hunter-Dan

    Trailer tires

    price has been lowered to $65.00 each.
  4. Hunter-Dan

    Frabil fishing net

    OK see you there
  5. Hunter-Dan

    Frabil fishing net

    Ok I'll be there at 10:30 . How will I find you?
  6. Hunter-Dan

    Frabil fishing net

    Ok, $ 75.00 Right?
  7. Hunter-Dan

    Frabil fishing net

    Same model ? I Can free up some time around 930. Can we meet at cabelas, or some other place?
  8. Hunter-Dan

    Frabil fishing net

    Is it sold yet?
  9. Hunter-Dan

    sold / closed Diawa 27 lcs

    I have 2 TRAXSTECH : RRH-230 Aluminum Adjustable Rod Holder.
  10. Hunter-Dan

    Used boat parts

    I Don't know of any.
  11. Great shape, 80 thrust , 24volt 62 inch shaft . Mounting plate . Tiller model 500$ B/o runs great Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  12. 2 like new trailer tires Duro XL 185x80x13 tires with rims . 1 new tire and rim Carlisle 175 x80x13 tire has never seen the road 75$ each B/O All have 5 mounts . Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App