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  1. Nice fish ! We were also out sat, but got a late start. Ran down to 18 mile and trolled back toward Seneca shoal. 4 leadcore rods and 2 riggers. Only taker a 6.5 lb bass. Was a little bumpy, but definitely manageable. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  2. I was out again this past week and very, very slow. It will get there though. Once it turns on I am sure you will get some fish. Good Luck
  3. I'm gonna be out tomorrow for a few hours. I'll let you know how we do.
  4. I was also out this past Sat. and Monda. Nada. Its only a matter of time before the daytime fishery turns on.
  5. Mr.Wooleye

    Walleye Depth finder

    I have a Simrad NSS EVO2 7. Fantastic sonar, chart plotter, instrument display, ect. Super fast response time (for the touch screen - works when wet) and completely configurable windows. Chirp sonar works fantastic (super clear picture). I have the wifi unit (is included with the GO9 - I think) so I also send the screen image to an old iPad I have mounted under the hardtop (you can also send to Andriod or an iPhone). Very happy will Simrad. Same interface as Lowrance pretty much. I guess its all personal preference in the end though.
  6. Did you happen to notice if they had the gates up on the slips yet ? Hoping to drop it in for the season on Saturday.