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  1. I have been a member for a while now but never introduced myself. I am 73 born in Jamestown TN Their mom moved her 7 kids to Muncie Indiana. I was 14 and started working in a canning factory and have worked ever since except for my 4 years in the marine corps. now and have fished almost all my life. I got my release from the Marine Corps in 76 and started salmon fishing in MI the same fall. but in the winter of 80 ice fishing for crappie, I caught my 1st walleye ever. caught it with a Johnson Century reel with a 4# line. it was so huge I thought I would never get it through the small hole. it was 29 1/2" and 9.5# I was hooked on walleye after that. fished Erie's western basin a year later and loved just drifting with the boat doing all the work. some years later, I moved to Geneva Ohio to fish the central basin for larger fish and it was amazing. got married in 71 when I was 20 and my wife was 16 and were happy and still together after all these years. I still love fishing but don't fish much as all my old fishing buddies are dead or moved away. i used to deer hunt in all ways legal but now I'm lucky to get to muzzleloader hunt for a few days. my hunting is dependent on my oldest son's hunting.
  2. I've been there a couple of times. we have nothing that comes close to having the tackle in our area around Muncie IN. we fish out of Geneva Ohio for walleye. we wanted to get more sunspot walleye bandits like the one I had ordered online. so we made the drive and was rewarded for making the trip. not only did we find the bandit we were wanting but we ended up buying more cranks and some great spoons. we spent over 100.00 on both visits. I recommend going there just to see all the choices they have in a small place.
  3. if this radio has the built-in GPS for contacting the Coast Guard and you will ship it to me for 150.00 I will buy it for a spare. I live in Muncie IN 47302. I won't be in any hurry so cheap is better. but I ship almost everything with priority mail using the smallest package I can. priority mail is charged on the size of the package and the weight can go up to 70# for the same price.
  4. if your trying to sell it then a price would be nice.
  5. you might have better luck online. you can do a search for them on your computer or even try a google search. or check on places like Amazon and eBay.
  6. I just went to their site and spent 56.00 before I could close the site, LOL. great color choices.
  7. I just looked on the website and maybe buying a few before long. some of the ones I liked are out of stock and i would rather just make 1 order and be done, so i plan on waiting to see if they get restocked soon. I also messaged them about restocking the ones I want. one thing I would love to see is some with chrome backs, it may not be as good as what you have but on some days it just gives me more confidence in the flash-attracting fish.
  8. a guy on lakeontariounited.com has 4 of the caption pack for sale but doesn't have a price listed.
  9. thank you, guys, for posting. but when we tried to start our motor and it was locked up and had water in the cylinders. we went out on our 1st day last year and my son wimped out on me and turned around and came back in. the next time out it wasn't running right and we noticed it was overheating. i think on our 1st trip it was overheating and we didn't notice. then we shut down to get everything ready to come back in and when he started the motor with it hot and cold water from the lake might have cracked a head. or when we shut it down with it very hot and when the heads cooled a head warped just enough to cause it to blow a head gasket. then when we went back out the blown head gasket is why it wasn't running right. then we brought it home not knowing anything bad was wrong. but the cylinders had got enough water in them to rust the cylinder rings to lock up the motor. and we found out the motor had locked up when we started getting it ready for this year. The bottom line is we won't be going up this year. but next year we will be back. we have been doing good in July using larger spoons out past 70' of water out of Geneva Ohio the last couple of years. I can't really give you the depth but we used 65# power pro for our main line back 200'+ running 2.7 to 3.0 or as close as we could get using lite bite slide divers rigged like a dipsy. and caught mostly larger fish as the smaller ones didn't hit the larger spoons like they did the smaller spoons.
  10. this is lake erie united but I have seen -0- posts about fishing lake erie or tackle or method used and -0- reports on where to fish, tackle used, or reports.
  11. I am a firm believer that anyone starting out fishing Erie should take at least 1 day out on a charter using the style of fishing they are planning to use. I had trolled the western basin for a few years just flatlining cranks and catching plenty of fish. but when we moved to the central basin we were totally lost. so, we took a charter out that used dipsy divers to get down to the fish. I had never seen a dipsy used and had no idea what to do. i didn't choose a charter using them but it just turned out our charter used divers. I went out on a charter a few yrs later that ran inline boards but I liked using divers much better. on the 1st day, we had started setting our own lines with 6 lines out. on the second day of the charter, we were running everything but driving the boat. by the end of day 2, we were able to fish with 6 lines on our own. now we did still make mistakes the biggest being setting the rigs out on the wrong side of the boat. but to be really honest it would have taken us at least 10 yrs on our own to be able to learn what we did in 2 days on the charter. most people will never learn to run 6 divers unless someone teaches them. and we still did and still do need to learn. the biggest thing was getting to know how much line to let out to reach the fish. if you want to be a fair fisherman in Erie I highly recommend using a good charter like the one here or ask for recommended charters in the area you plan to fish the most.
  12. I haven't used any Garmin units but have read many positive reports on them and I believe with the right transducer the 93sv is a good unit for the money. Garmin has better units with great bells & whistles but you pay for those. I have all Lowrance HDS units that does everything I need for fishing and getting back to the dock. the 93sv should cover all your basic needs to find fish and show them on your screen. but it all depends on what you want out of a unit. but Garmin is a quality product. just my 2 cents worth. before you buy if your buying new check the prices on eBay and amazon before you buy. eBay has pretty good prices on the 93sv echomap units
  13. where are all the walleye fishermen on the LEU site. this would be a great place to share your experiences on Lake Erie. i haven't got anything to post about Erie at this time of year but will be glad to offer what little I know if someone asks for Erie info on here. I am getting old and only fish 1 week in July each year but I enjoyed many trips each year starting back in the late 70s on the western basin but moved to the central basin some years ago.
  14. nope, but we have taken them out with us. but just maybe thats why we have such a hard time catching fish, LOL. maybe someone important slipped on a banana peel and started saying they were bad luck, and it grew from there, LOL.
  15. hey guys i'm guilty of not posting enough on this site. i have been a member for some time with very few posts. we have plenty of members that fish Erie. but not only do we like hearing about Erie but any type fishing you want to post. you can even post about things non fishing related. let's get this site up and running so we have a place to come to for whatever. lake erie has been my fishing grounds for about 45 yrs now. we got started in the western basin and went about every weekend from memorial weekend until the middle or late july. the way we got started was by following some friends up that fished there. these guys told us how to fish and what weight forwards spinners to have. we followed them out from collie canal and went past the intake about half way to west sister and shut down. we were using all spinning gear and let out line until we thought was enough. then we set our rods against the gunnel and just let the boat drift. we usually had our limits by noon each day fishing this way. after a few yrs. the zebra mussel cleared the water, and the fish numbers went down and the fish were more scattered, so we started trolling. we were still using spinning gear. we used the 2" hot n tot and the wiggle wart as our go to bait. but we tried any deep diving plug at one time or the other. we just let baits out enough we thought it would catch fish and it did. a few yrs. later we moved to the central basin because they were getting bigger fish. but it was a whole new ball game. i bought all new line counter reels and rods. but i didn't know squat about how to fish it. so we took a charter out 2 days that used dipsy divers. on the 1st day we started helping him set lines and reset them after we got a fish. by the 2nd day we did all thew work and the caption just watched over us. by the time we went on our own we were able to run 3 divers per side plus 1 downrigger per side. we did get a few tangles but that got much better as we learned more about fishing with divers. our biggest thing we still needed to find fish and how far out our divers needed to be to get down to the fish. then i changed divers to the cannon deeper divers that dixdn't use rings that kept coming off on the dipsy. but later i gave the lite bite slide diver. and i use then like a dipsy and don't use the slide part but love the lite bite feature because to me it's priceless. i will never switch back to the standard diver. good luck next season and start posting.
  16. I can't really help you on jig fishing the western basin because when I fished it we didn't start until memorial weekend for our season. but have made a few trips around the middle of may and did good trolling cranks. I have only been jig fishing 1 time with a friend that fished it. but the fishing can be hot early jig fishing, but some guy's troll cranks at certain places and do well. are you set up to troll with rod holders? when we started trolling, we just flat lined and used 2 down riggers and 2 outriggers. we ran 2 9' rods straight out the side 2 straight back off each corner 2 16' outriggers straight out the sides 2 downriggers at a 45-degree angle back and set at different depths depending on the fish. our hot baits were hot n tots and wiggle warts and any diving crank we had. but now I think bandit and husky jerks are used by most. but they didnt have those cranks back then, plus we caught fish using the hot n tots and wiggle warts. welcome to Lake Erie and a hobby that can run into a lot of money. oh, yea when we trolled, we just used spinning gear.
  17. just wanted everyone to feel the spirit of Christmas and didn't know where to post it. so may your Christmas be merry, and may the new year bring you guys the happiest days fishing you could ask for. most wanted is more members with more walleye stories on Lake Erie united. last year on Erie wasn't anything to talk about. we got a new used 26' boat for Erie and was still rigging her the morning we left. the 1st day my oldest son said it was too rough and turned around and took us back in. the second day he wouldn't listen to me when I said we needed to go farther out after a friend that charters out of Geneve gave me a starting point. so, he shuts down early and starts fishing. we caught a few keepers, but most were small shorts. on our next day I finally got him to agree to go on out. but about 60' of water and the boat not running right he stopped and shut down to check the carb but when he tried to get it started it would not even turn over. but it was overheating when idling but cooled down when running mid range. so, we used the kicker to troll in shallow water then used it to get back in. after that he just gave up and didn't even try to fix it. he hasn't touched the boat since to find the problem. I am 71 and have trouble getting around or up in the boat but I did find both batteries are shot. next year we will have time to get things fixed and water test it before taking it to Erie in July. so, next year I may have things to report. but i believe it will be a much better year if i can just get my son on the right page.
  18. copper does get you deep, but it is also less manageable than single strand ss wire. I like using 15# best if and when I use it. for running harnesses in warmer weather, late June through summer the best speeds I've run is 1.8 to 2.0, but I have had good luck at 1.6 when faster just wasn't getting it. but for spoons or cranks speeds of 2.7 to 3.0 have been good to me. but I've read some guys catch fish with spoons with speeds up to 3.5. the only time I run over 3.0 is when trolling with the wind and the waves push us faster than 3.0, be sure and try faster with spoons and cranks and then post how it worked for you.
  19. sounds like you pretty much already know what you're doing. you wouldn't want to run to many dipsies when running a full set of inline boards. but 1 or maybe 2 would work. I like my lite bite divers much better than boards. I run 3 out each side and 2 riggers. I suppose I could add a board to the mix, but I just don't care that much for boards. I think wire with big boards is the best way to put fish in the boat, but it gets old reeling in so much line. at times it's best to run 300' of 15# wire plus 50' of backing plus another 50' out to the release. then start reeling fish in 400' can be more like work. I like to enjoy my fishing, so I'll settle for taking longer to get my fish. when we used dipsies and brought our lines in there was so many times, we had small fish on them. but now with the lite bites we have eliminated most of that. a small white perch will usually trip the diver if the lite bite tension is set very loose.
  20. I agree that you need info on the area you plan to fish. the western basin can be as simple as using different diving cranks. back when i fished the western basin our hot baits were hot n tots in standard sizes, and wiggle warts in standard size also. but at times we used deep diving mudbugs and other times the hot bait was the wee warts. but mostly the hot n tot and wiggle wart was what we used. now they have bandit deep divers, husky jerks, reef runners, and many other new deep divers that catch fish. blue chrome, sunspot, perch, are just a few hot bandits that work well. but the old cranks still catch fish. and the make clip on weights to add to cranks to get them deeper. there are other ways to get down to the fish. bottom bouncers, diving weights that i think are called tad poles, divers like true trips, and even dipsy type divers are used as you fish deeper water. the central basin is a whole new ball game. i fish out of Geneva Ohio when I fish now. during the warmer months the fish move to deeper water. then you need divers, inline weights up to 3 oz or more, heavy clip-on weights, up to 300' of wire line, inline boards are used to spread lines and get more lines in the water. some guys use big boards with wire line and run a gazillion rods. but I started with dipsies, but the rings kept coming off, so I switched to Dreamweaver divers that are the same size without a ring, but then i tried the lite bite slide diver. which has 2 adjustments one that adjusts the rod tension just like the others but then it has a second one. the lite bite tension can be set to trip when a fish hits which should be set as loose as possible so it will trip on very small fish so you're not just dragging them around. I use them like a dipsy with about a 7' 20# Fluro leader and don't use the slide part of the diver. when I moved from the western basin, I had no clue about divers. so, I went out on a charter with friends for 2 days of going to school. we had a great teacher. in those 2 days we learned more than we could have learned in yrs. on our own. we could run 3 divers per side on our own after just 2 days of going to school. we are still learning new things even now after yrs. of fishing divers. we did have some tangled lines for some time. our biggest thing that tangled lines was letting out lines on the wrong side of the boat. you set the divers to run left or right. we sometimes let left divers out on the right side. you can mark the rods to each side. what I did and do now is use different reels for left and right. I recommend that if you are new to fishing Erie's central basin a trip on a charter is well worth the little investment. you want to make sure the caption knows it is a learning charter. but if you want to use divers don't charter an inline board charter. they have small charters for 3 people or less usually in smaller boats. but they have charters for 6 people also. another thing you can do is watch for open seats or even post a thread for open seat wanted for the type fishing you plan to start with. usually, a charter caption has many yrs. of fishing Erie under his belt and can teach you so much more than the casual fisherman. I think a guy has a better chance of catching fish in the western basin without going out on a charter than the central basin. but still, it wouldn't hurt to learn what's going on from a charter caption. and you may even make a new friend that will help you out once you are on your own by giving you a starting point. i have an old friend at Geneva that I made before he started running a charter. a couple of days before we go up, he tells me what depth and the gps lines he uses to get fish. this really helps so much for a starting point. even though he uses big boards and wire he uses a couple of dipsies also. so sorry for the book version on advice without something to help you catch fish.
  21. W.O.W. what a boat! it really looks awesome! welcome to the site. if you fish walleye on Erie there is another great forum for sharing info. but i don't know if I can post it or not. so, I'll just send you a pm and you can check them out if you're not already a member.
  22. hey harborcraft are we going to do this? just give me a total with shipping and i can do friends with pay pal or i can mail you a postal money order.
  23. i would like the gun and case. but it would be illegal to ship the flares. if it wasn't for that i would love to have the flares as well.
  24. hey buddy if you will ship the case to me i will buy it and pay for shipping. but I can only pay by pay pal or mail you a check. it will probably be just as cheap to mail it priority mail as to use 1st class. but you can just ask the cheapest way to ship it as I'm in no big hurry to get it. i just thought i would get it to put my expired flairs in and use the one i have now for the light. i live in Muncie IN 47302.
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