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  1. i have 36" bags for trolling with my 21' cobia with a 350 mercruiser. it slows me way down. i thing you could get by with a much smaller bag than 50". if its windy enough to need 2 50" bags then your not going to be on the water. i would contact amishoutfitters.com and tell them what you have and what you need them for and they'll sell you the right size bags.
  2. what size boat do you have? i wouldn't go out on erie in anything less than a 16' or 17' deep v. and them only on good days. as for weather apps theres some good ones out there but i don't know them off hand. you can do a search on the web for lake erie weather. i just use the weather channel on my radio and the weather forcast. but mostly i use common sense. once you get the safety gear you can launch and be fishing the reefs in 10 minutes. you'll also want a good drift or trolling bag to slow your drift if needed.
  3. if you have a boat the reefs are a good way to catch fish without bumping shoulders with the guys on both sides of you. i recommend you try to find a couple of open seats with others that can teach you reef fishing. i use 20# braid main line with a 3' 15# seaguar fluro leader with a jig anywhere from 3/4 to 1 oz with a stinger hook and a shiner.
  4. I've been using them for some yrs now and wouldn't even think about another release for eyes. i have mine set where most white perch will trip them so I'm not just dragging them around. I've had no problem with hook ups with them. the forward movement of the boat with the jerk on the line from the rod flipping up when released seems to hook them. i like setting them light to start then tighten them up a 1/4 turn until I'm not getting false releases. as for attaching the ball you just attach the clip on your cable to the top of the release the attach the clip on the release to the ball. i believe the owners name is keith. but its been awhile since i talked to him. i was in contact with him when they 1st came out even before the stacker was ready to market.
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