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  1. Rich

    Motot issues

    Thanks for the replies. Previous out boards I have had did not smoke as bad. I mixed my own fuel. From what I have read these VRO.s do not maintain the correct mixture untill the Rpm's are up. Hence the mixture is Rich at idle.Just dont like smoking the guys out the next dock over !
  2. Rich

    Motot issues

    I have a 1988 Johnson Gt 150 VRO. ( new to me )Smokes heavely at start up.Is there a adjustment to the gas / oil mixture
  3. Hi Sherman Do you know of any info around the small boat harbor in Buffalo for walleye? Thanks, Rich
  4. Thank-you for addition to your forum.I live 2-1/2 hours west of Erie and recent up dates are important to me to help on a trip that will be useful. The first fish I caught some 50 years ago was a walleye. .Been " hooked" on them since