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LED Rechargeable Headlamp

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Amish farmers without electricity except solar panels use a headlamp with a brilliant bright light to tend to their farm work after dark use from " Millertech" this headlamp.. No oil lantern with its flame just a brilliant light that really is powerful. Firefighters, Police Officers and night time auto mobile workers find it the best out there. Hikers on the highway, night fishermen and hunters after dark in the woods need it to travel safely. Available from the Amish store near Black Creek, NY is a better visit than the outdoor stores near you, take the family for an afternoon ride to ride on NY Route 305, between route 19 and 16 there since afternoon TV football is over and check this place over, no signs or Sunday sales though. Take mama for dinner farther south of Cuba NY and Sprague's Maple Farm's is a fine dinner visit. Turkey dinners are the specialty along with pot roast, etc. The Amish store sells real "lard" excellent for flaky pie crust and barn boots, etc.

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