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Come Fish Lake Erie

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I am a firm believer that anyone starting out fishing Erie should take at least 1 day out on a charter using the style of fishing they are planning to use. I had trolled the western basin for a few years just flatlining cranks and catching plenty of fish. but when we moved to the central basin we were totally lost.


so, we took a charter out that used dipsy divers to get down to the fish. I had never seen a dipsy used and had no idea what to do. i didn't choose a charter using them but it just turned out our charter used divers. I went out on a charter a few yrs later that ran inline boards but I liked using divers much better. on the 1st day, we had started setting our own lines with 6 lines out. on the second day of the charter, we were running everything but driving the boat. by the end of day 2, we were able to fish with 6 lines on our own.


now we did still make mistakes the biggest being setting the rigs out on the wrong side of the boat. but to be really honest it would have taken us at least 10 yrs on our own to be able to learn what we did in 2 days on the charter. most people will never learn to run 6 divers unless someone teaches them. and we still did and still do need to learn. the biggest thing was getting to know how much line to let out to reach the fish.


if you want to be a fair fisherman in Erie I highly recommend using a good charter like the one here or ask for recommended charters in the area you plan to fish the most.

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Come Fish Lake Erie site is a one stop shop for Eastern Lake Erie.  Pick your port, pick your target species then get a list of Captains.  With one click you are on their site for details and rates.  Free to use and free for Captains in New York waters.  As Larry has pointed out this marketing campaign is just getting rolling in the promotion of Charter Fishing in New York waters of Lake Erie.  Should bring some positive attention to our great fishing.  If you haven’t be sure to visit Come Fish Lake Erie site.

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